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6 speakers into a 2 channel amp?? pls help !big will22011-05-22 02:43
Mercedes codejolliefieke12011-05-21 20:08
Please help me out!!Jarred222011-01-26 22:47
Brutus 1200.1 Help!Josh32011-01-22 01:56
AUDIOPIPE VS HIFONICSMarc22011-01-12 04:35
JL 1000 master slave configurationMike42011-01-11 02:06
Alpine PDX-5SKD22011-01-09 13:22
Amplifier Protection ModeZak62011-01-04 10:01
Phoenix gold zx600 Jaymoung12011-01-03 00:31
Amplifier Repair Jexx42011-01-02 18:46
How do I connect a sub to a head unit with only front and rear prea...Eric Riffe62010-12-30 20:05
What size fuze do i need?JR52010-12-29 08:24
BOSS ba 4000?Street Legal162010-12-27 02:00
Nakamichi amps?sean132010-12-24 05:45
300-400 watt rms ampssean222010-12-24 03:40
Problem: 10" JL W6 Louder than BMF Crossfire XT15?sean102010-12-23 23:26
AMPsean42010-12-23 23:21
Amplifier Wiring Questionsean52010-12-20 06:18
Alpine type R'ssean72010-12-20 05:08
Amp Advice Please!sean132010-12-20 04:34
Wondering how to wire these speakers on ampsean32010-12-20 04:32
Good amp for 2 Dual VC 4 ohm 10 inch CVX?sean82010-12-20 04:31
Aura Ampssean22010-12-20 04:28
1k rms at 4 ohm.sean342010-12-20 04:19
Sundown Audio ampssean102010-12-20 04:17
Amp/Head Unit Power TroubleshootingGlassWolf22010-12-16 06:07
Need INFO Please???? MostforLess82010-12-11 02:01
I need too know what amp too power my kicker cvr 12ssean52010-12-04 17:06
Need some help!sean62010-12-04 16:59
How do you run 2 amps??sean72010-12-04 16:54
Boss CW150 Interferencesean42010-12-04 16:51
Matching amp with subssean22010-12-04 16:49
How to Replace Lost BMW Car KeysJames32010-12-04 02:58
What are great amps for UL12 critical mass speakers??Alucard12010-11-27 21:13
Running a bi-amp setup with a 4 channel ampGlassWolf62010-11-26 18:01
Need some inputRicky Lussier152010-11-24 19:38
Brutus Subs with Highfonics ampsean252010-11-23 21:08
What amp do i need with what wattageGlassWolf22010-11-22 13:28
Amp/Sub HelpWill French292010-11-21 17:55
New nine.1 vs old nine.1WooferCooker82010-11-20 15:23
I have a Pyle Choppers Series 1400 watt amp, and i bought it and th...GlassWolf22010-11-20 13:14
Hifonics bxi 2010d VS aq2200dWill French232010-11-20 05:01
RCA Terminals at Fault?sean102010-11-19 03:00
Jl Audio ampsean52010-11-18 19:35
Help on amp wattage please.sean72010-11-18 19:34
15 lvl4 XL ampsean22010-11-18 19:33
green light on amp keeps flickering, no sound coming out of subGlassWolf22010-11-15 19:06
Just want to know if i can hook up my amp and 2 12" into my stock h...fleshwound42010-11-15 11:35
NOOB QuestionGlassWolf22010-11-14 02:39
Sub Stops working when gain is turned up?Jaymoung162010-11-13 23:51
Reccomendations for a good 4 channel amp.Will French102010-11-12 15:17
Help tuning amp and fixing subs?GlassWolf22010-11-12 13:10
OverloadGlassWolf32010-11-12 13:06
Decisions decisions, opinions?Ricky Lussier12010-11-11 21:42
What Amp to get with Brutus subsDavid52010-11-10 20:01
KAC 9105D Amp quit working- need helpGlassWolf22010-11-07 04:29
Subs/ampGlassWolf32010-11-06 21:13
HO ALT and Big mod 3 upgradeGlassWolf42010-11-04 23:43
AmpsGlassWolf52010-11-04 19:44
Volfenhaug 2400 watt 2 channel bridgeableGlassWolf22010-11-02 12:25
Power acoustik Amp trouble...Eric Riffe182010-11-02 00:54
CANT CONNECT 2 SPEAKER @ SAME TIMEGlassWolf32010-10-31 21:57
Lanzar mxa 414GlassWolf22010-10-31 15:40
F/s RD5750.1sean22010-10-31 04:12
Help needed if possiblesean42010-10-31 04:10
Amp shuts off and flickering onsean32010-10-31 04:08
2 Amps 4 Subs. HELP!!GlassWolf152010-10-27 20:29
2 amps 3 subsJosh32010-10-22 21:37
Help wiring Alpine R type to Blaupunkt amp Please.GlassWolf22010-10-22 02:39
I need some help...GlassWolf82010-10-22 02:38
Power flickering on and off for amp. Now blownGlassWolf82010-10-20 20:40
Help did i break my amp???sean52010-10-19 02:55
F/S Orion Amps /Iraggi Quad Alternator KitWiltJ12010-10-18 23:02
Help with JL1000/1 ampChuckCharleston32010-10-18 10:27
Getting protect light on my ampGlassWolf52010-10-18 00:44
Zed Audio Minilith 2 subsJes Sakmar12010-10-17 18:14
Anyone see and in dash blu ray players out yetGlassWolf82010-10-16 13:22
RD5750 or Atomic 5000.1?Mark Brockman112010-10-15 03:59
Suggest an amp for CDT es62i budget $250M.S.22010-10-12 16:26
Getting a new amp.sean142010-10-12 04:44
Cadence ZrsC2 or Cactus Sound 1000.2M.S.42010-10-11 23:49
Output to subsean32010-10-11 03:54
Subwoofer/Amp wiring assistance needed desperately....Tornado122010-10-07 13:39
helpsean42010-10-05 18:14
Protection light stays on for an unknown reasonGlassWolf42010-10-04 12:39
Rec. a cheap amp for Polk DB651 sean52010-10-04 04:24
Amp Problems...sean132010-10-04 00:41
Amp for highs/midssean52010-10-04 00:37
Kenwood kac-7252sean92010-10-04 00:32
Amp problem please help!!!!! keeps sparking even with no fuses in it?sean172010-10-04 00:29
System WTF???sean52010-10-03 22:53
Please need help Regarding an toxic amp 1500 watt sean72010-10-03 22:42
Inline Fuse rating 2 amps ??sean72010-10-03 19:57
Car amp 14.4 volts in a 12 volt carPlymouth292010-10-03 17:43
Im a beginer NEED HELP!GlassWolf232010-10-03 17:00
4 ohm solo x and 2 ohm amp. how to wirePlymouth142010-09-28 06:16
Mmats 3000.1 vs sundown saz-3000dM.S.22010-09-24 00:56
Amp Advice for SWR-1221Dwandaddy82010-09-23 02:27
Need advice on a good ampWill French252010-09-22 02:08
Something wrong with my amp.Plymouth102010-09-22 01:24
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