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TRUE..LK IS THE RATcadavis11
Problems with my pansat2700aLK5
EPG and Daylight SavingsTM3
BevThe Don1
Thomson DCI52(upc02)Big_G1
We have a P4 Hack and Urge all Forum Moderators to contact usC_2g49
SUPPORT LK he is the kingnickey5
No front lightsGrim3
Looking for cable to watch UFC ppvLK2
New numbers LK2
Pansat 3500 On Dish 500 PROSarge4
L K IS A RAT !Alan Engle9
Advise to setup a RFT cable tv descramblernick axe1
WHY?Alan Engle6
LK THE RAT !Alan Engle4
Grounding !!Mike Hano8
How do i mount d shaped lnb on Starchoice rectangular arm?LK2
Thanks mike leeLK4
DN moved many channels....listed here.-----------------------------...LK7
Satellite Locater tool LK2
Help please How can i get the right Satellites back? ThanksLK2
How to tune in 110 & 119 with a d** receiver?LK4
Fortec star lifetime classic NASacha16
Pansat 2500a freezingjames millard3
Just a quickieAlan Engle4
Newbie SuperDish Help - Panstat 3500 or Viewstat Platinum?jzipk6
119,110,61.5 two recieversLK2
Fortec Star Decoder and auto tunningLK2
Please HelpDale M. Wiley3
HELP Pls - Convert MultiStar Maximum 2500 to Digivave 7000 - Commun...Grim2
Fortec vs viewsat/co*lsat/pansatjake ross4
Captiveworks CW-600sFred Alfredson7
Many channels have moved!LK1
Missing PPV channelsLK4
How do I change Bins? Help Fast!LK9
Ellptical Dish With 2 Dual LNB's for 101 110 119Tina Chick12
Missing a few channels.LK2
Pansat 3500SLK4
Some Help down under please LK3
HDTV FTA here now.LK2
No signalLK22
Pansat 2700a image too bright on S-VideoAlex Cordovas2
Help with Intelsat 5 (T-5/Ku) please!NuWave1
Looking for switchLK2
To the player LKLK2
Lk need some helpLK8
Pansat 3500 missing channelsThe Don7
Showtime Free Preview Teddy1
0% quality but picture is fine.LK3
Pansat 2500a remote controlPeter Upmanis3
Free DirecTV or Dish?LK6
B-70 problem with Pansat 3500SD (for LK)Paul Friet3
I love my Pansat but I bought a Twinham cardVijay V2
Thanks a million guys! 1 more questionAlan Engle3
Q for mike leeMike W Lee23
Is this Wide open ? LK glad your back !Tina Chick10
Help with Pansat 2700ahalcon9
Quick questionSteve3
Pansat 3500 cannot bring up parental controlLK4
Q for LKnel rib3
Forgot Parental Control PasswordMZM3
3500 help with channel sort???LK5
Viewsat platLK2
Viewsat platrobert steves1
Changing TP's - How to Fix LK3
2500a clone jtagLK3
March 17 fixgeek geek11
Very few channels?LK3
Which is better Pansat 2700a, Pansat 3500 or cool*sat 6000 ?LK15
Time on Pan 3500LK2
Big dish NPS chat Teddy1
Channel list on a cloneLK2
Help with pansat 2700eLK2
10% to 99% ?LK4
Panset 2500 Turns Off By ItselfLK2
Ariza700 - do i need to flash the receiver?LK4
Dish DV R 522Geraldine Stubbs1
Viewsat platinumLK6
FTA Guide for newbiesLK2
Unable to open file?LK3
Channel MasterLK3
What am I doing wrong? Please look & help if u canLK6
Fortec X-85CS_273T_GC_DN_BEV_RTN_TVE_4sec_api(N).binLK8
Hi folks! Newbie here Help with Fortec PLEEEZELK7
No rs232 port?Klitschko10
Combining fta with echostar on same dishTeddy4
New Busted sitesaanaa13
Newbie within the dark continentjowanjiru1
Help with 2700aLK33
PROBLEM - Diseq switch or Receiver.pluto.m6
Can new keys, overtake new keys for dishnetwork??????????wakenbake1
Make Some Good money buy all receiverLK2
"Set default key" overwrites the N2 keys??? LK4
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