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DVI, HDMI, Composite , What do you all think?UKMatt20
Mitsubishi VS-6041 A/V ModuleJohn D. Nash1
GE 60GW948 - NEED SHIELD ?bill h1
Anyone clever at TV/VCR/DVD/CABLE box connectionsAnonymous2
Sony Grand Wega Lamp ProblemSouper Trooper27
Using PAL TV in FranceLuis Carvalho1
I only have 2 component inputs, how might I get 3?Still Learning2
PC on TVScott K4
Why is default language often French?xvxvxv2
Tuner out on a old Mitsubishi TVKahuna2
RCA - screen problems - can it be replaced?R. Con3
Help for hooking up OTA?Shawn U.1
New DVR box, analog fuzzy, picture mode not consistent???Bailey Everitt3
An odd observation on my TVMheAd1
Old JVC User ManualHarry Dwight1
Progressive Scanning on 1080i?Theil17
Reviews of Sony KD34-XBR960? Justintoxicated4
Computer to HDTV...... please help....... Anonymous4
Best way to view computer on big screen??rick1
Hdmi? dvi? any good websites that explain all this ?rick1
LCD for Me (?)Anonymous3
Postage StampAnonymous3
EDTV Better than HDTV for DVD?Justintoxicated3
Newbie question on widescreenAndy3
HELP!! 36" RCA Tube TV Manf Date March 96John B.1
Pioneer or Sony?? Help!!!!Sean hale3
Phillips- no videoshawn1
Help with my older Sony TVCARLOS MORALES5
Ghosting and/or Color offset on my CRT HDTVMark Davis1
Better cable TV connection on new TV?monster08261
How do I get my computer to play video to my receiver and TV?omonkeymann1
Advent TV has black box in middle of screenDon Griffin4
Question about upconverting dvd playersIto2
Connecting 2-Wire Antenna Wire / UHF on TV???Trent Foster2
Changing "no input signal" picture from blue to black?leonid1
27" Toshiba-need source for flyback transformerDavid Edwards1
DVD HDTV Upres + TV Input questionAnonymous9
RCA to CoaxialArmature4
Magnavoxoscar dominguez8
Durabrand TVsD. James Englebright1
Digital CableDiscovering6
Help with my Toshiba Projection TVmikiem791
Video setup older tvSharon Scafidi1
Panasonic HDTV's?Anonymous2
ProScan Ps27108mark deterk1
Explorer 3100 help static kind of soundth0m2
Panasonic tv picture is badDjenka3
Digital Cable BasicsDiscovering4
Siemens locked in hotel modeadrian sava1
PiP on Mitsubishi CK3526RAdrian Cardenas1
Widescreen Buying HelpDLP for me4
Surge protection for rptvsChristopher Vendemio2
30" widescreen HDTV vs. 32" standard non-HDHolmes1088
Should I get digital cable ??Anonymous3
Widescreen questionsStill Learning4
Intergrated HDTV tunersDiscovering3
I'm new to HomeTheater Stuff... Lots of DVI-related questionsDiscovering2
Tv volume has mind of its ownkevin1
1 HDMI But 2 Digital Sources; What to do?Shawn August3
Problems with Sansung DLP HLN567WAnonymous1
Considering an LG LCD/DLP rear projectionGreg Azar1
Triple Combo Remote Conrol Code Woesekim1
Component Cables Necessary??Jacob Pagel24
HDTV Ready??bruceb3
Help with a stand for sony kp-46wt500freman yant1
.SONY KD36XS955Allen G6
Mitsubishi 22'' - model CT-25M3TXAngelina K2
Pioneer PRO 107PRO+1071
Hd "ready" vs. hdtvAnonymous2
Poor "pass through" cable reception with Tivo deviceDave Clark1
Importance of dvi inputmystifiedbyacronyms32
V-chip turning itself onJulie T.1
Pls helpAnonymous1
Help - Projection tv whent darkFLICKRICK2
PS2 video/audio will not play, suggestions please?Ani1
Hook Game Cube Up To HDTV Cable Systemstendall2
COX CableKen Harkins10
Mitsubishi new 52'' cable problemsBrian Bisher1
45" RCA Projection TV Not Starting and Dimmkatto1
Why is my Sony KDF60WF655 displaying movies in "very" wide mode onl...xvxvxvx4
Need EEPROM image for SONY KV-G14P2Anonymous3
DVD + Comcast Digital CableEmergencyExit1
PC (DVI or S-Vid) to HDTV ?Anonymous1
Sony vs toshiba picture ?Anonymous3
Progressive scan ?David Umbro1
TV BrandsGlen Zelinsky1
Panasonic CT34WX54 34" vs. Toshiba 34HF84 34"John Doe3
Regular Cable(not digital)Shawn Davis1
Bottom Line - What's the Best Bet??Nachoman911
Hdtv dvd playerAnonymous1
DVD player question for Sony KF-50WE610Michael Kuntz3
A TV to offer the best gaming experience ?John Doe1
Cable Card and Cable Guidexvxvxvx2
Help me plz...........................oscar dominguez1
Sony KV-32HV600 - Normal vs. ProgressiveMatthew McBride1
DVI and HDMI question. any help greatly appreciatedAnonymous13
I need helposcar dominguez1
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