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Xbox to my coaxial Digital Input?Undisclosed6
How to hook up home theatre system to Personal ComputerBerny2
Logitech Z-680 DTS Decoder and PowerDVD Problem...PyroATX5
Rogers digital with MCE 2005creegs1
DVI + Coaxial audio --> HDMI?Anonymous6
Trying to hook up the PC sound card with my apmlifier aldo seven3
Can anyone help with this, computer speakers to receiver stuffA2
Windows Media Center questionsCasey Wood2
Need help send wireless catv to my pcadrian2
Logitech X-530 speakersAnonymous2
Pc to Tv Help...buying guide for a noobienick murphy1
Strange problem: SBLive digital out => home theaterLidi13
PC/Radeon 9600 Pro Turbo 256MB to HDTV Samsung HLP 4663WDavid Stoll4
Xbox and Audigy 2 NX USBGeorge1
Feedback Needed -- My WebsiteJason klatt1
Sound card for WMCE PC to connect to 5.1 receiverAmanda M2
PC SB optical out to Digital surround Amp only gives stereo!?Jack Sunn1
PC on HDTV - DVD's not quite fullscreen?David Glicksman1
Media Center crashes when minimizing or restoring size for Live TVMichael1
VGA vs. VGA breakout (BNC) cablesMichael1
Connecting Sony AZ Series HI-FI to an LCD Monitor.Amir1
5.1 set reccomendationsRichard Hassler1
Can I use 5.1computer speakers for home theatre speakers?Kevin Bosini8
PC Surround to TV?Kevin Bosini1
JVC D-ILA owners I need your helpMorley Krupt3
Connecting Audigy2ZS PCMCIA to ReceiverBrian1
Help please: HDMI/DVI connection from PC to HT monitorrjs1
Hooking up home theater to computerAnonymous2
S-Video output on graphics cards to inputScad1
Logitech 5.1 Z-640 with Audiomax issuesNathan1
Resolution problem w/ projector & Windows media centerAlan Lambert1
1080i res Windows Flickering???Reilly12
Pioneer HDTV Connect to PC?Anil3
Laptop - TV Audio & VideoAnil3
How do you hook a computer up to a TVAnil4
Problem with PowerDVD..Anil3
1080i pc to tv problemShane Benson1
Juli@ soundcard: DTS passthru works AC3 passthru doesn'tjoeletaxi2
Connecting PS2 to PC (SPDIF In)ScRuBBoY69@!4
Digital Audio Server Software SetupRockstar Champion1
Speakers and ComputersScuba_071
Help with connecting Home audio equiptment to my computerDawood Zulfiqar3
Lets keep this simple, trying to hook my HDTV to my PC, can't figur...Ronak Patel2
Audigy nx2 to cable boxJacquess1
Looking to buy an hdtv to replace monitor for pc gameing please advieA7
Audigy NX2, Logitech Z640, Xbox and external decoder for dolby digi...Mat1282
Computer DVD with Home TheatreSaskia6
High CPU usage on DVD playbackclayton richard1
Newbie q: nVidia 6800 DVI to DVI-HDCPkfjhjkhhkgejghjg3
Toslink to Audigy 2 ZS SPDIF?Gregg Waltz1
Video Card recommendationsboomerang8
Xbox to pc??? HELP!!!4banger2
Home Theatre PC & external DVDmardo8
Connect Audigy 2 to Onkyo Receiver via analogueJordan2
XBox to computer? HELP!bong_munkee1
Leadtek G-force px6600gt 1080i problemsBuzzy B Buzzsaw1
Premium Setup - NEED SUGGESTIONS [what is best?]todd itami1
RGB TV-OUTAnonymous3
Anyone hookup PC to HDTV via ATI 9800 componentTipstir4
Sony LCD * Panasonic DLP Help needed!The Nerdly Guy2
Need help mitsubishi 65"WS 2005 model w/ HP media Center 2005 lapto...A2
Building a Home Theater PCA2
SONY RZ422P output to TV? A2
Will Media Center PCs replace the desktop any time soon?hi-phile2
TV capture card questiongrotty3
Computer to Home theater systemKanderan3
Does anyone know?A2
How do i wire a receiver to a computer?arrow2242
DTS-ES on PCAndrew Stevenson1
Record from dbs receiver to sound cardTodd Worstell1
How connect computer to HDTV set using a RGBHV inputDanny G.3
Different media to multiple roomswayne miller11
I Tunes and Home StereoBerny3
Wireless transmission of TV/DVD Audio to Stereo- Possible?Anonymous3
Media MVP???mrmcse251
Computer to HDTV Home Theater connectionraymond kohan1
Future is HerePeter Ras3
What is the Best way to connect a HTPC to a SDTV for the best pictu...Jobar Noblet1
Help me pick a good sound card and video card for 6.1monkeymann3
Connecting PC to HDTV and Audio Receiver HELP!!Ray T3
Computer add-in TV cards...Rired13
Hookup internet radio to home theateradam b5
HTPC using GB-PVRtip1
Volume on dolby digital works fine but.....bill tong1
Playing dvd'sSnejk1
I bit of help needed pleaseAdam Knights1
Stereo SystemsJohnathan Delaquiox2
My Clone SpeakersJohnathan Delaquiox1
Hooking up IBM T42 to tvJonny Stew1
Uploading need help!edmundo A. ramirez1
Shuttle XPC 5.1 Digital Sound questionBrenden West6
PC - TV Audio SetupBrenden West6
Soundblaster digital signalBrenden West3
Music to multiple rooms and speaker setsJakeanon3
Connecting SPDIF fromHTPC to Yamaha rx-v2200Sean Snyder2
Problem with DVD brightnesses phasingjlynch1
Whats up with my altec lansing 2.1James Lee2
CPU hooked up to HD-ready tv through dvi. Want to connect pc up to...Ed Sullivan2
Connecting Audigy 2 to A/V Receiver??Ed Sullivan2
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