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Klipsch Cinema 6 or Onkyo HT-230?Tom Koan1
Receiver for klipsch speakerstherealelitefan4
THX certified, how objective and reliable it be?TJ Guy9
Pinnacle Quantum Speakers?dforrest1
Onkyo and B&WPaco1
Def Tech SpeakersOmar Jafar10
Sub amp for bose Acoustimass 10Berny4
Did I make the right choice?Berny2
Polk RM 6900 with what reciever?phsu3
Yamaha reciever with athena point 6 speakers?Gregory Lisowski4
TR-2800 and TR 2801 Should I buy?Berny5
Samsung HT-DS1000 SpecsMike P1
Energy Take 5.2 with AV-R?b able1
Infinity Oreus vs Onkyo SKS HT230Nepenthes Sun1
Speaker wire gaugedavid silva3
Energy speaker b able1
What is the best 5.1 home theater system you can buy???Epic3
Speaker for Yamaha Rxv640scobad2
Have yall saw the new line of klipsch speakers Anonymous2
Totem Dreamcatcher, Boston Acoustics 130x, others ....Ed Croteau1
What receiver do I buy?craig johnson1
What are the Bose TI6000 systems worth? (if anything at all)Anonymous9
Not sure of what to do next!!!!! Suggestions?Berny2
KEF KHT 2005.2 vs Orb Mod 2?SoundOff2
BOSE Acoustimass 10 III / KEF KHT2005.2 / CELESTION AVP305TJ Guy19
Speakers for digital receiver ?Blacksburg Hokie5
Need advise on new system!!!Russell T8
HT Complete System UpgradeBerny9
Crutchfield / free Infinity speakers for orders over 398.00Anonymous1
JBL SCS115 Speakers - Any Good?Chris Wolcott1
Orbs or Nanosats?JPie1
Athena vs OrbAmit Ahuja11
Such a thing as a good speaker?Berny5
How much is this worth?Berny7
Extra Athena Micra satellite for 6.1?Berny7
The Budget Buster!!Berny10
Thiel speakers for my home theatrerf2
Best speaker package ( jbl or athena)Berny2
Totem Acoustic Dreamcatcher 5.1, Klipsch Cinema 8, Infinity Modulus?Berny3
What happens if...speaker wires are crossed over?BRYGUY6
Recommend missing speakers to create 5.1Berny2
Onkyo s770htib or Rocket Tykes + Kenwood VRS-7100Toshi1
Help!!!Hookup questionsjoe tuccio1
Bose Lifystyle 28 Series IIAnonymous1
Need adviseAndrew25008
Onkyo Vs. Bose (Yes I've heard the arguments about Bose)Blacksburg Hokie3
A few questions about what to get...Anonymous3
Polk RM7200?Big Fish7
Speakers for Yammy 5760Berny4
Athena AS-B1 or Fluance AV-BP2 surrounds?Berny2
In-Ceiling Speaker RecommendationsGuy Barnes2
Just bought the last Polk RM7200's for $499.1sctrojan1
Is the Yamaha NS-P436 set up any good?Berny2
Speakers for Denon AVR 3805Berny7
FeedBack on Bose Lifestyle 35 SpeakersBerny2
Bose Lifestyle 35 SpeakersAnonymous1
Cerwin VegaAnonymous1
Home Theater speakers for a large roomAnonymous1
"BUZZING" sound coming from reciever,help!Berny7
Speaker for Denon 2805therealelitefan3
Speakers to go with Marantz 5400therealelitefan3
How to test my 5.1?James Lee2
Energy Take 5.2 with which subwoofer? James Lee2
Infinity TSS-450 5.1 Speaker packageJames Lee2
Panasonic SA-HE200 6.1James Lee2
Klipsch VS. Polktherealelitefan4
What do you guys think about athena's micra 6s?Matthew E Therrien4
Speaker impedanceMatthew E Therrien2
Definitive pro cinema seriesJames P3
RCF speakers.....?????John John1
Your thoughts on a great value 5.1 speaker gig that's great with BO...epic2
Dolby Digital 7.1 speakersjohn applleeesseeed1
Polk vs. Infinity with H&KIndecisive1
Can yall give me some brands that are better than bose for the pric...Berny3
Klipsch, JBL and Bose home theatrePat1
Home Theater Direct speakersB. Chhabra7
Need advice on HT speakers pleasephantasy3
Subwoofer questions.K-Dizzle6
Speakers for the Yamaha HTR-5740? Evan1
Please some advise in Panasonic sb-tp20s speakersjim solis1
Polk Audio 6700 v. Boston Acoustics 515BobW3
Onkyo TX-SR601 with what speaker?Evan3
Onkyo HT510 vs HT520 ?Lord Yago1
Match speakers to receiverOliver1
Center Channel match to frontsa w7
Polk & Klipsch combination?Berny2
Q's about what kind of speakers i should getAndy1
Complete NoviceBerny4
Infinity TS450 and Receiver?Daniel G3
Q50 Kefs as rear sats?Mike Musante1
Energy C-7 anyone? Berny7
Onkyo TX-SR601 and what speakers?Dave2
Surround Speaker System Help!!!!Dave2
Bose acoustimass 6 series2 Vs Orb Mod 1Dave7
Recommendation for 5.1 speakersDave5
How to Set Speaker LevelsJ. Vigne4
Surround sound connection to AmplifierBerny2
Totem Acoustic Dreamcatcher or any recommendations...Nobig4234
Will it harm my new nakamichi 8.5 to use my bose satellitesBerny3
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