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Rega Mira 3 vs Heed Obelisk SiFrank Abela30
Headphone amp set-up advise, pleaseChris H10
Rotel RA-02David Mitchell21
Can a Rega MIra3 be used for satellite tv?Steve25
Cambridge Azur 840 IntegratedDanman13
Primare I30, Electrocompaniet ECI-4, Simaudio I5 or MF A5?Neil Waterman8
Integrated Amp for Metal MusicStu Pitt8
Chinese gear vs the rest of the world what you get and what you don...JAW129
The Yaqin VK-2100,the new budget leader!Jan Vigne21
A desperate first post of the help-me variety!Johannes40
Rega Mira 3Art2
Naim Nait 5i hummmleo stierer44
Noob's about to buy Marantz PM4001 + Wharfedale Diamond, pls advis...Nuck5
Integrated amp for Dynaudio Focus 110Xing Chen18
Tricky Quest: Computer -> Amp: SPDIF, USB, DAC, LAN ???Ingmar Rauschert1
Marantz 7200 integrated ampArt13
Integrated Amp Suggestionschicomoralessxm33
Protection Circuit on Rotel's Integrated AmplifierKevin Corr6
NAD 315bee integrated ampSurinder Rinku30
Rega Mira 3 vs Naim Nait 5iFrank Abela4
Custom 3D Homeusher1
Creek Classic 5350SE - too bright?????Arthur Gorniak53
Optical audio/RCA audio QUESTIONFrank Abela3
Modern NAD sound vs old NAD sound?unbridled id455
Linn IntekFrank Abela14
Creek 4330RArt42
Integrated tube amp with ss ampZorro2
Bryston B60RPArt110
Nad 3130 fuse questionJ. Jarvis2
Will power double using 2 amps pre-out / amp-in?Wayne Vincent4
Looking for a single NAIM-FRAIM-glass-shelf...Frank Abela15
Cambridge Audio 640A V2, is there anything better for my setup?Joe7
From NAD C370 to Nait 5i?Thorsten Lux158
Amp upgrade from Harman kardon AVR 240Chris H3
Integrated for Dalis??Tyler34
Which amp for Dali IKON 6Raydon1
Primare, Nait, Cyrus or Roksan?Raydon14
Musical Fidelity A5 or 308 compared to NAD C372snapcat12
Creek 5350se or CA 840AArt13
ASR German ampsM.R.1
Mira3 vs Mirajames m24
Anyone seen the new NAD C355?Danman12
Filling the tubes of a hifi-rackFrank Abela9
Integrated amp for vienna acousticsbill bretz4
Rega Brio with Monitor Audio RS1james m3
Marantz good match with MAchicomoralessxm25
Thoughts of Jolida 1501RC?Chris H4
Tweaks--Need a New Transformer Jan Vigne4
Build my system.. Frank Abela31
Ideas for retail store systemMusicrover1
Interconnect question Naim CD5i-2/ Nait 5i-2Thorsten Lux12
Cambridge Audio 840A - Home ReviewJAW6
Integrated to pair with Rega R3sNuck14
Sound improvement on the NAD C370Michael Wodek17
PS Audio class 'd'leo stierer14
Anyone heard the new NAD M3 yet?Michael Wodek22
Question about NAD C 370Thorsten Lux6
Amp to complement Klipsch SP-1'sAuDiOBuFF1
Oh no I am melting!M.R.25
CD/Amp: Rega or MF? Nuck7
Suggest Amp for StereoFrank Abela16
NAD 372 or Rotel 06 or Pioneer 1016?!!!Navid Dashtaei21
Rega Brio 3 vs. Mira 3?Frank Abela46
My System. Now what....Nick K16
Nad 352+Polk=?chicomoralessxm12
Bose (I know, they're crap) Acoustimas problemNuck5
Roksan Kandy vs. Rega Lunadomenico Magnisi7
Musical Fidelity A5Nuck65
Mcintosh MA6800John Galt10
Is NAD325BEE and Focal 714v good match?Frank Abela2
What do you think of this amp?David Mitchell4
Mira3 is in the mailKevin Corr14
I can hear those notes starting and stopping!Nick K16
Rotel RA-1062chicomoralessxm12
NAD or Cambridge Audio?Danman44
Behold, The Sonic Impact Gen 2 T-AmpChristopher Molloy1
Creek Evo vs. Rega Brio3Frank Abela4
Which NAD combination? C325BEE + C272 or C272/162ctanaka28
Finally got my speakers, now for an amp.Jan Vigne10
Cambridge Audio VS Regajames m11
Amp Needs Upgrading?colin wilson6
Arcam A80 vs A65eduardo zarate1
Which amplifier for closed enclosure???Jan Vigne3
Which amplifier for closed enlosure???Robert Pongo1
Cambridge Audio Integrated Amplifier Azur 740 ANuck15
Old Arcam vs New NadFrank Abela2
Densen B150Frank Abela24
Naim Nait5i on audiogonKevin Corr31
Redgum RGI35 exciting little amp?Kevin Corr5
Looking for advice on a 5-7K setup/UpgradeNuck3
Nad vs RotelMilind4
Marantz PM-7001 vs Modified Harman Kardon 3485Art6
Marantz pm 7001.....Just how good is this Integated amp???saurabh6
My cheap receiver, but sounds good to meJan Vigne5
Harman Kardon hk1400 early 90's classic?Kevin Corr6
Musical Fidelity A3.2 & Revel Concerta F12s?Nuck3
Suggestions on integrated amp for Thorens TD145 turntableMichael Wodek2
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