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Yamaha RXV-1400 VS Pioneer VSX-AX393d8
Any chance an Elite VSX-43TX (6 ohms or 8 - 16 ohms selectable) usi...Panbox6
Kenwood VR-6070: Sub-out "thump" when changing modes...Ozzy Dog6
NAD 742 vs H/K AVR 230Smitty7
KLH 200watt Reciever on (2) 10" Sony Xplod 600wattBilly Peacock3
Bass managementJames Lee2
Onkyo ReceiversJames Lee7
Would this work?James Lee2
SONY STR-AV570X???!!! HELP!!!!James Lee2
Speakers to go with Christmas present Onkyo 601John W6
Marantz 5300 or HK AVR325 or Denon 1804Falp3
Marantz 5300 vs denon 1804chrisb621
Which to buy next: Surrounds, DVD player, Sub? (Again)sgtpeper21
Component videoRalph Aikman1
Purchase coming soonkrbell6
Marantz 5300 as a pre-amp ??Hammersmith4
Confusion about receivercj2
Receiver Power vs. Speaker Sensitivitry ... helpJohn A.16
Need help picking A/V reciever that would best match my jbl studio ...therealelitefan3
Outlaw Audio ImpressionsJohnny2
Marantz SR6400 ISS14
My sound isn't what it should beG.DawG22
Def-tech and marantz? how does this sound for my first home theate...matthew peulen4
PC as my Tuner?Joe Cross8
Wich receiver with Monitor Audios Bronze series?therealelitefan9
Marantz 5300 or Onkyo 601John W3
Marantz 2265robert campbell1
Receiver Suggestions for B&W SpeakersMarc8
New Receiver for Klipsch Quintet'sG.DawG9
New Integra line due in AprilHammersmith1
Elite VSX-59TXiTaylor1
Ok !! What is the best 7.1 systemgeekboy26
Hum problem solved. Testimonial for NAD customer service.John A.1
Impedance matchingJohn A.4
NAD and MissionFalp2
Yamaha RXV540 or DENON AVR 1803??therealelitefan5
Eilte VSX55 video switchingTCB1
Onkyo TX-NR801 VS. Pioneer Elite 53TXKEGGER9
Marantz SR5300 or NAD T742????teralec11
123AV.Com- Any InformationAnonymous1
Confused on wich Receiver to get!Igor Peretic3
Pioneer 55txi or Yamaha 2400 which to buy? HelpRockabilly Bum84
AVR 325 shuts offgeekboy9
NAD C 320 BEE vs. C352 vs. C372jeff obregon1
Need Help Rotel Receiver Repairrtwaddell2@hotmail.c1
Proof that you need to hear for yourself!Jeff Wilkinson3
Receiver and Speaker combinationsRajesh1
No DTS playback on my NAD T-773Ricky8
VSX-53TX as preamp+Nad'sC270 or C370 ?G.DawG2
Onkyo TX-NR801 vs HK AVR-630MABabs7
To match my Energy C3/CR3's ?Doug B.10
AVR 525 Dolby Digital Question. Replies appreciated!geekboy6
Best reciever for Athena speakersMaximo5
Marant z SR5300 - subwoofer crossoverFrancois Conradie8
Connecting Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Card to ReceiverAnonymous111
NAD 752 Remote ControlMal Atkinson3
Upgrade from Sony STR-DA555ES to Pioneer VSX-53TX worthwhile?therealelitefan4
Marantz sr7400 reviewAnonymous21
Receiver (Marantz SR4300) upgradeGan1
Problem W/Yamaha 2400 as Pre/ProFrank2
Need help setting up my Denon 2803 ....PLEASE!Kevin Ruddy9
OnKyo TX-SR800 and Cable Box Digitasl Audio Setup?Martin Moore3
NAD 743 IssueMarc3
Using 2 16 gauge as 1 wire.....bad idea? ok?Ferguson2
Denon 2803/Sony XBR--video cable observationsTrVr1
U.S. H/K AVR-525 same as intl. H/K AVR-5550?Mattias Borell1
Hooking up surround sound to receiver and TVJohnny2
Home theaterJohnny5
HK 7200 for a stealKidA18
Monitor Audio BronzeGregory Stern6
Rx V3300 vs. RX-v2400 vs HK 7200therealelitefan2
NAD t752 video composite/s-video transcoding questionlarsa4
Sony STRDE595geekboy2
Best SpeakersJagg3
Pioneer vsx d407idontknow6
New here, lots of ?s about 53tx, got some moreBrent Harbolt15
Harman Kardon OwnersBrett Dulyea1
My HK 6300 Sounds like crapmatthew peulen2
Elite 59TXi to 59AVi ConnectionDertman1
Help with new HK AVR430Jake3
NAD t763 A/V receiver VS NAD T163Robert Gatt2
HK325 questionhound dog5
HDMI on ReceiverDertman1
DVD Connections?sgtpeper16
Magnepan MMG and NAD 742John A.4
Second zone on NAD T762?Johnny4
Nad dvd T532 problem!!!UNICRON-WMD3
HK 230 or Onkyo 601 - SAME PRICEtherealelitefan8
Connection questions for Elite VSX-55TXiBrent Harbolt4
Klipsch Legend and HK AV325??Stu6
Onkyo SR701 - Bass Below 250 HzAnonymous2
$1k Receiver Advice Needed-Anonymous4
Receivers best to worst...Teralec48
Rotel 1055 or 1065 - is it worth spending $700 more to get 1065?Hammersmith10
Most Musical Home Theater Receiver?Kev57
Av/receiversJames Lee2
Receiver matching Energy EncoreJames Lee2
Harman Kardon AVR75 worth fixing?James Lee2
Comparison: onkyo txsr 601 vs. denon avr1804 vs. yamaha rxv740James Lee2
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