Need help setting up my Denon 2803 ....PLEASE!


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Spent all evening trying to setup my new Denon 2803, and am hugely frustrated as I don't have it working yet. Hope someone can help.

First, my connections are:
* component out from receiver to monitor
* component in from DVD to receiver
* optical in from DVD to receiver
* digital coaxial from cable converter to receiver
* S-video from cable converter straight to monitor

The problem's are:
* cannot get on-screen menu, for setup or normal use. I was able to do setup by temporarily connecting S-video between the receiver and monitor...shouldn't the component out provide this for me now???
* can't get sound from DVD player (am I missing something here, or do I have a bad optical cable?)
* can't get sound from cable converter, except for movie channels and a few others. Do I need analog in addition to the digital coaxial (SPDIF)???

Please help!

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Solved one part--the DVD no sound via optical--my DVD player wasn't sending a signal through the optical connector, which I resolved by changing the setup on my DVD player. Still need help on the other 2 problems. :-)

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TrVr: consult the manual on the On Screed Display (OSD) and Component output. Many of the receivers, including my H/K 525, will not show the OSD on the component output! This has to do with the quality of the picture (for the most part). I have my project dual connected with S-VHS and Component Video.

Also, you may need analog connections from your cable box as well. Some of those boxes (like the Scientific Atlanta) Only send output on the digital cable when the audio is digital. I have an HDTV converter and it does similar strange things.

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Thanks were correct on the OSD/Component output. The manual does confirm that the 2803 will not output on screen display through the component video output jacks (monitor out).

This means that I have to add either a coaxial or S-video cable to the monitor out as well. I assume that adding the S-video connection would be preferrable, since it would give me more flexibility by allowing me to re-route my current direct cable converter to monitor (S-video) through the receiver. According to the manual, the S-video connection also receives priority for the on screen display.

How do you like the 2803? I am thinking of getting it?

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You seem to know a lot on receivers. How would u rate NAD (T753), Marantz (7300), and Denon (2803)?
I currently have an older Denon digital 5.1 receivers and B&W 704 speakers.

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I just got the 2803, so a bit early for me to pass judgement. I was also considering the Yamaha 1400, but at pretty much the same price, thought the Denon 2803 was a more rounded performer. I felt that the Yamaha 1400 was more biased towards features (some pretty cool, though not sure if they are more gimicky than anything else) than better musical capability of the Denon (based on what I've read).

I've now got the setup working...this board is great!

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vt: don't ask me about multiple brands! I've only had some use of lower end Denon, the Harmon Kardon AVR line, Kenwood and Sony (non-ES line).

The three receivers you mention, of course, are 3 of the top recommended receivers on this board. Personally, I like NAD products (especially their amplifiers) and would probably recommend the NAD 7x3 series over the others. Even with some minor software issues on the 7x2 line (which may appear in the 7x3 line)... I still like them.

I defer to someone with more listening time on the other models (Marantz and the newer Denon line)

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I install the Denon line pretty much every day, not a bad piece of equipment from a build quality point.sound is a little brigt but overall a very usable piece, my customers love them.
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