Onkyo TX-NR801 VS. Pioneer Elite 53TX


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I am Looking to spend less than (incl S&H and Any needed Extended Warranty) $900 on a new receiver.

- 20'X20' room
- Sony WEGA 24" television
- JCV (YUCK) DVD which will soon be replaced with a progressive scan of a better brand
- No speakers selected yet (budget $900-1200)
- Listen to 35% TV / 35% DVD / 30% Music
- Can be loud as we want to peace-off our Dumb HillBilly neighbors any way.

The Receiver MUST HAVE....
1. THX Certification
2. AT LEAST 6.1 if not 7.1 amplified surround sound speaker connections
3. Digital Optical Inputs
4. DTS ES and Dolby Digital EX 6.1
5. 5+ band equalizer built in for each channel

Hope to have's....
1. Receiver will sound good with my Current and TEMPORARY speakers (Klipsch Promedia 4.1)
2. Connection to my computer via ethernet (After reading up on the Onkyo TX-NR801 This sounds like a great option but not Critical and I will gladly sacrifice this option for exceptionally better quality overall)
3. 2nd/3rd room speaker option(s)
4. Learning Remote

BECAUSE of the about lists I have rounded my choices down to...

1. Pioneer Elite 53tx
2. Onkyo TX-NR801
3. Yamaha RX-V1400 (not 2400 As I don't need triggers and other extras for that extra $$$)
4. OTHER...

My Interest i the TX-NR801 was brought about by this BBS....BY THE WAY ECOUSTICS.COM IS SICK!!!... and my main concern with the Onkyo is the lack of discussion on its performance/features/sound/quality etc. If any one can help it would be great!

Really not new to A/V world just coming back from a short vacation and need help catching up on the new products.

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I like the onkyo 801 the best - sounds rich and smooth like an upscale piece. Your neighbor will like it more too. Can be hooked up to a computer to access MP3 files. Won the receiver of the year award in a hifi sight for under 1k.

Search the web for the best price.

This speakers are a good value - they sell direct, cutting out the middleman, and offer better quality for the buck. Won many awards, and in your price range.


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I think your list is in the correct order. While I like Onkyo and have owned 2 in the past I would pick the Elite 53 over the 801 assuming it does all the things you want it to. The Elite's have better power supplies than Onkyo and incredible load tolerance which means lots of power in multichannel mode. Buy whichever you like the best between Elite and Onkyo as both beat Yamaha easily IMO.

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I don't own either... I'm an "hkfan". I like the Elite better than the Onkyo myself.

Audition both the Onkyo and Elite. Preferably in your own home if your local audio dealer allows that. If you have to audition it in the store, bring your own source material (CDs, DVDs, etc) and see what's the closest they have to your room configuration... and proposed speakers.

I see you're looking for speakers too, so try the speakers you are interested in with BOTH receivers.

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Thanks for all of the Posts, ALSO if anyone has any alternative selections I'd be interested.

ON a side note....does any one know the price of a Velodyne DD-10 sub. Haven't been able to find a price online and no dealers near by.

Yo James Lee, I'm gonna say it but I know everyone is thinking it.

Shut the F up with your Onkyo 801 already.

Won receiver of the year from a no name web site.

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James is entitled to his opinion, and the 801 is a great receiver. If you dont like his ideas, dont read them.

The Freak,
Go with the ELite for sure, I may sound like a broken record sayin this, but for Klipsch speakers, you need a way warmer receiver like the Elite. Onkyo and Yamaha are complete oposite.

Geekboy is right, try to audition both receives before purchasing. Is there a local audio shop nearby where you could try out both receivers?

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G.DawG and others: from another thread, and looking for myself, I just found that almost all of the Onkyo receivers lack s-video/composite to component upconversion. I find this lack of feature to be a limiting factor if you are going to have EDTV/HDTV. I personally don't use my Component inputs on my projector unless I'm watching a DVD -- has to do with the On Screen Display (OSD) -- my H/K AVR525 does do the upconversion.

Does the Pioneer Elite 53tx have the upconversion?

Side note: I love it how the B&K 507 doesn't put the OSD on any of its component outputs either. They say the OSD affects the quality of the EDTV/HDTV signal! Interesting!

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yo the freak!

i think one of the reasons no one has given you
any other choices is 2 of your limiting factors
the 5 band eq (which i do find useful) and the
fact that you said it had to be thx certified.

INHO the thx certified does not really mean what
it use too and has no bearing to me anymore.
ask other people and i'm pretty confident they
will agree.

now if your stern on these 2 facts there's not
much else your going to look at.

otherwise you throw in marrantz,h/k and also nad
as a few of the better recievers in your price
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