NAD t752 video composite/s-video transcoding question


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I just bought a NAD t752 unit (version 1.06 firmware... new firmware on the way) and most things are working very well (aside from the issues that should be fixed by the new firmware, like the volume "tick" problem). I've only had the unit for a day or so, so take that with a grain of salt ;)

I am noticing one oddity, however. The 752 has the ability to "transcode" composite to s-video and vice-versa. That is, it will take a composite source and display it on both the composite and s-video monitor outputs (very handy if you want to avoid switching tv video inputs when switching between s-video inputs like the dvd and composite inputs like my vcr). This appears to work, but the resulting image after the "transcoding" is grainy enough to render the function useless (still visible, but annoying enough that I avoid using it).

My questions are these:
1) Is this normal? Does the t752 just do a poor job at converting between the two formats?
2) If it's not normal, is it one of the things fixed along the firmware upgrade path (i.e. will moving from 1.06 to 1.20 or 1.22 just make the problem go away)?

It's not a big deal, but I'm going to have to bring the unit into the dealer when the new firmware arrives and if this is an additional problem I may as well have them fix everything at once.

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I have always wanted to know why would you route a video image through a receiver? What is the benefit? I mean I have a newer receiver and it has all those swell functions, but what is the point?

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Its less buttons to push when changing inputs from cable (s-video) to vcr (composite), for example.

Without video switching:
1) Change audio src on receiver from cable to vcr
2) Change video src on TV from input 2 (s-video) to input 3 (composite)

With video switching:
1) Change video src on receiver from cable to vcr.

It sounds like I'm lazy, and in truth I am ;) But if the feature is there you might as well use it.

Also, those two steps above involve a bunch of button pushing:

1) switch universal remote into "receiver" mode.
2) press "vcr" button.
3) switch universal remote into "tv" mode.
4) press "input select" button.
5) switch univeral remote into "vcr" mode (so I can play, pause, etc.)

I can already hear you typing "set up a macro, moron" but in my case that won't work. On my not-so-great TV the inputs aren't individually addressable so I have to toggle through them. And there are 3 inputs, so I can't just macro up hitting the toggle button multiple times (depending on which input you're currently on you may have to toggle once or twice to get where you're going).

Sooo... it's certainly not NECESSARY, but it can be handy.

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I've just purchased a T753 (don't know how to get firmware version for it - anyone? - there's no "audio" and "video" button to hold in afaics) and also have some minor problems with routing video signals through it. I only use S-Video, so I don't know about poor conversion. The image quality from S-Video routing seems as good as what my TV is able to display.

My problem is that I often get a rolling image (sideways) when there is a bright flash on the video source. I notice it on DVDs when there are flashes between scenes, and I noticed it also when my KISS DVD player (first gen.) was just booted and showing its mostly-white welcome image (blue logo on white).

I've exchanged the KISS with a NAD T532 now (the KISS sounded like it was about to take off vertically when spinning certain disks, and it had other annoying bugs and crashed quite frequently), but the problem with rolling image during white flashes between scenes persisted. I was hoping to get rid of that.

I am wondering if anyone else has seen the same problem when routing S-Video through a NAD A/V receiver. I'm not 100% sure it's the NAD. It could be my p.o.s. Panasonic 50Hz 32" Widescreen TV, although I haven't seen this behavior with any other configurations.

So that's my problem. Currently I just use SCART from the DVD player to the TV which works fine, but I miss the convenience with the remote control handling (will try to make a macro), and I miss having OSD when in watching-DVD-mode. I've only tried AV2 on my telly - I'll try AV3 on the front too, maybe that would make a difference? AV1 only shows composite, not S-Video, so that's a no-go.

Another small NAD T753 bug BTW: temporary OSD is white on nothing, so you can't see anything when the background is white. They should have outlined their font with a black border or something...
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