Denon 2803/Sony XBR--video cable observations


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I have finally set up surround-sound around my 2 year old 32" Sony Wega XBR. Since I've added a new Denon 2803 receiver, I've also had to add more cables for the setup.

In my pre-Surround Sound configuration, my DVD player was directly connected to my Monitor using a 3' Acoustic Research Pro component cable. With the addition of the new Receiver, I moved this DVD-Monitor connection to Receiver-Monitor, and added a new Monster 2 component cable (also 3') to feed the DVD-Receiver. When buying this cable, I was somewhat hesitant to spend that much money, but I have a good relationship with the salesmen and he convinced me that it would be noticeably better than the plain Monster Standard (though similar to the AR Pro I was using already). Watching a favorite concert DVD last night on the new setup, I was really blown by the true reality of the picture--better than ever--as if I could truly reach through the screen. I felt totally justified in spending the extra money.

Unfortunately, I also found that I hadn't left enough clearance around the receiver (the DVD player above was getting very hot) and had to rearrange some equipment...moving my DVD player to a cabinet on the side...thereby needing an 8-9' cable. Since Monster does make that Level 2 in 8-9' lengths, and I didnt want to buy a 12' length at double the price of the one I was replacing, I looked for an alternative. I felt lucky when I found that Monster does make an 8' length in it's THX line, and it was cheaper than the 3' Monster Level 2 I was replacing. Hooked it up tonight, and the magic is not there anymore. I'm really disappointed now, and seriously thinking about spending the extra money to get back the picture quality I saw last night.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is the issue the increased length, or is it the cable....or all in my head? I've heard all of the snake-oil stories, and wouldn't have believed it unless I had experienced it myself. Any thoughts???
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