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1. Will the HK 325 handle 4 ohm speakers? Please explain.
2. What is the highest watt speaker that I should use with this receiver? Or is wattage important?

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1. the 325 can handle any speaker
2. I don't know about question 2

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guest: while the HK 325 has the power reserves to handle almost any speaker... the amplifier is rated at 8ohms. I would easily say no problem to 6ohm speakers... but when you get to 4ohms speakers, you're talking about "maybe" crossing a point where the receiver will go into PROTECTION mode when playing at the lower frequencies (< 3ohms...) It's possible that it will not, but it's a probability. If the speakers don't do anything below 80hz, then it's probably won't go into protection, as speakers may not cross 3ohms during those segments of the audio programme.

Your second question depends! It depends on how efficient the speakers are. The more efficient the speakers, the less power is needed to drive them. I think the AVR 325 is 50w (all channels driven). This is "real" power backed by a High Current Amplifier which is actually able to deliver that power on demand. Having said that, speakers which are 89db-92db+ efficient should be okay and you should be able to get a sound pressure level of 100db from them with this receiver. Some of this will depend on your room size, of course, because efficiency and power go hand and hand.

Should you worry about wattage... yes, but High Current Amplifier design is what really counts. Many receiver claim to be able to run 6 channels at 100W each... but alot of them turn out to only do 6 channels at 50W with the system clipping. Clipping is not good for your speakers! H/K is not one of those manufacturers who "lie" about their power ratings with all channel driven.

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1. Sounds like a question for Geekboy. I dont' think the HK 325 is made for 4 ohm speakers. I think you need a higher end receiver for 4 ohm.
2. Like Dell I don't know about the speaker wattage. I wondered the same thing myself

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I see that Geekboy has addressed the questions. For a "boy" he's the "man". Maybe it should be "geekman".
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