Onkyo TX-NR801 vs HK AVR-630


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I got the Onkyo on Christmas eve and have it set up with my new HSU sub and old speakers. It makes them sound great, so I can't wait to hear them with my new Axioms. Unfortunately, I did custom finishes and probably won't get them before the receiver return deadline.

Overall, I really like the Onkyo, but I had also been considering the HK AVR-630 and now after reading another thread about the Quad Bass Mgmt, I'm second guessing. (Also is has RS232 for updates and Onyko doesn't.)

Has any one heard both of these receivers (or similar models: onkyo 800,700,701 hk 525, 7200) and can comment on sound quality/ease of use? Also, have your heard them with Axioms?

BTW, 80/20 HT/music.


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I like he onkyo better - smoother and more upscale sound that is non-fatiguing. Also the 800 model won the receiver of the year for under 1k in Secrets of Hometheatre.

You chose all the good components and not wasted money. Should sound pretty sweet.

the Nettune function is useful - a good way to improve MP3 sound - you can now have a huge library at sights like www.listen.com and Napster for a small fee/month.

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While I also like Onkyo's sound quality I do not think it is more "upscale" than a H/K. The one thing the H/K is not is fatiguing. The 7200 can be found for under $1000 at a few places and is a much more powerful reciever than the Onkyo 801 or 901. Onkyo employs a protection circuit that cut power after 2 seconds or so in multichannel mode. H/K, Marantz, Elite and others do not feel the need to do this and a well designed unit with good heat sinks and a good power supply should not have to operate this way. Whether or not this is ultimately important in real world usage is a subject of debate but for me it is a potential design flaw. I have owned 2 Onkyo's in the past and have liked them very much but I am also a bit troubled by the fact that they seem to have had some quality control problems as some of their other models have been sold refurbished very quickly after being introduced. [501 for example]. My last Onkyo also had to be sent in for repair of the display and took 17 weeks to get back. In your case since you already have the
801 I probably would keep it but for a person starting from scratch I would highly recommend the H/K 7200 over anything else right now based on sound quality and price.

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They are both good receivers. The amp section is probably better in the HK--but with your subwoofer I doubt it is a big deal. The Onkyo is good if you like Net tunes and computer/MP3 connections. The HK 630 has the ability to individually set the crossovers on the two front and the the two rear surrounds. Depending on your system that can be a very good feature. As I have 4 Monitor Audio GR10's it is meaningless to my system.

If you are happy with the Onkyo--stay with it. It usually is a good idea to compare the features on receivers and see which one has the features you find useful.

No one can really make that decision for you. I am sure Net tunes and computer/MP3 connections are generally far more popular among younger listeners than older ones.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I don't think power will be an issue with the Onkyo. I've tried a few movies and 65 out of 100 is about all we could tolerate on volume (you should see the looks my wife gives me when the HSU makes her Precious Moments rattle!). I have to try music some more.

As for features, it's really the Quad bass management and upgrade features that stood out, but I don't know if they would make a big difference in real use. Also, I've seen several comments praising Logic 7 over DPL2.

I'll go to CC to see the 630 this weekend (the 7200 won't fit in my cabinet...too deep). Remotes are a big part of my decision since I'm disabled. If there's anything significantly better, J&R has it for the same price as the 801.

Most likely, I'll keep the 801. It sounds great and is all set up and configured (except NetTunes).

I have the HK 430, and I like it, and while the remote doesn't entirely suck, the IR sensitivity is sorely lacking. Meaning you have aim the remote at the receiver without any thing blocking it. Sounds silly, but with my Tivo and TV and my previous receiver I could point the remote in the opposite direction and it would work. It's minor, but an annoyance nevertheless.

The sound is superb, but I'm sure the Onkyo is too.

If you do go to CC, I'd be curious to hear of your comparison.

Also, the 430 is significantly cheaper (about a third) but has almost the same power and weight. If you're on a budget, you may want to consider it as well.

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Well, I made it to CC today and I now understand what everyone's talking about when they say "warm" or "laid-back" verses "forward".

They had two "rooms" set up for speaker demos, one with the HK 525 and one with the Onkyo 800. I chose Polk speakers because the had Polks in both rooms (except the sub, HK had one, used Velodyne with Onkyo) and used bookshelves because that's what my Axioms will be. Don't know the model #s, but the Polks with the HK were a step up in price.

I'm an HT type, so I tried a couple of movie clips and ran their DD demo clips. The HK was definitely more laid back and warm. If I was a music guy I might like it better, but I really preferred the Onkyo. I thought it was a clearer, cleaner, uncolored sound. It really suited my taste better.

Another plus, although the HK's remote had more buttons/features I could use, I didn't like the feel of it's buttons at all. It just wouldn't work with my disability.

So, I am enthusiastically keeping my Onkyo 801 and will tortuously endure the remaining two weeks until the Axioms arrive.
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