Confused on wich Receiver to get!


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Hi all, as i've mentioned in an earlier thread i'm in the market for an A/V receiver.
Currently i have a pair of Monitor Audio bronze B4 speakers, i'll be expanding this setup to a complete 5.1 setup also with speakers from the MA bronze line. (maybe only the sub. will be from another brand, any suggestions are welcome!)
As the MA bronze's are slightly bright alot of you out there recommended receivers from Harman Kardon, Marantz, Pioneer Elite and even NAD to match with the MA to compensate for the brightness.
Ok so far its clear: I've narrowed it down to any of those 4 brands.
But now:
As i want (as anyone else, i would guess) the most bang for the buck (or in my case: most bang for the euro, i'm living in Europe)
i would like the receiver to have as much as possible gadgets, in-outputs, awseome sound etc. etc. for lets say: about 500-1000 US dollars.
Should i also worry about a receiver not having an RS232 port for future format upgrades?
Also i would like to metion that the MA bronze speakers are reated 6 Ohm, except for the center-speaker wich is rated 8 Ohm, should i worry about this in my choice of receiver?
Detailed info on the MA:

Any suggestions on brand and model are most welcomed!


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I am not an experienced stereo buyer and bought the following system: NAD T741 +C270 with KEF Q5 (Front), Q9C (Centre) and Q1 (Rear) with a REL subwoofer Q150E. The T741 experienced problems so my stereo guy is suggesting I replace it with the T752. The other option I have is the Rotel RB 1070 and RSX 1055 which will cost a little extra. The stereo guy however is telling me this rotel set up would damage my speakers or the amp would have problems as it cannot give enough power to my system. Am I being suckered? two other options the HK7500 + HKPA2000. He's however trying to make me buy the Rotel RMB 1075 + RSP 1066 which is really expensive. As I am not an expert does it make sense for me to jump so ahead. Please advise.

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Well I'm guessing the stereo guy is ripping you off. Hese trying to sell you something 2 or 3 times more expensive than the NAD 741. Don't even think about it unless you are willing to spend that much money. There should be more cheaper receivers out there wich should do just fine with
the Kef speakers.
A friend of mine has an Kef speaker package: KHT 2005.1 with an Denon receiver model AVR 3803. He is really happy with this combination,
I guess what you need to do is to check another store and listen to a lot of receivers with Kef speakers.
Just an advice
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