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For what its worth to all or any of you that are deliberating over what the "best" receiver to purchase will be, I wanted to share my listening experience today. I've been reading these threads for a week or so now trying to figure out which receiver to marry with the Definitive Technology speakers that I am buying. I had been swayed through all of my many hours of reading peoples comments to consider the Rotel 1066, Marantz 7400 and the Pioneer Elite. I was not considering the Yamaha rx-v2400 because of the many negative descriptions of this receiver being too "thin" or too "bright", especially with the Def Tech or Polk speakers. I went to the local hi end audio store and listened to all of them, including the Yamaha and to my suprise the Yamaha sounded amazing to me. We even took the highly touted Rotel and switched back and forth between the two and I still liked the Yamaha. My point isn't to knock or disregard the other opinions and recommondations from these threads. The knowledge that I've gained from reading these threads is very appreciative and invaluable, but rather to tell you that you really will never know what is best for your ears until you take the time to listen to them. My deliberations and concerns of which receiver will be best for my system has been put to rest. For MY ears the Yamaha and Def Tech speakers truly ROCK!

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Good point. Everyones ears hear different things. Shouldn't lump Yamaha into the crap list. But most posts I've read were help needed to match certain bright sounding speakers.

Yamaha coud in fact sound good for your Def speakers but others have argued that Yamaha dosen't use guts suitable to be a long lasting, audiophile sounding receiver.

I personaly think it's similar to the Sony attitude also. These huge electronics companies are enemies to most audiophiles because they usually overcharge for sub-par equipment.

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Thanks. Def Tech and Yamaha are, supposedly, too bright together, but I didn't experience it. Maybe my listening skills aren't to the degree that some audiophiles are.

I agree on the Sony attitude statement. I had that mentality (with the Yamaha), going into the store today, but my ears convinced me otherwise. I also realize that the Yamaha 2400 is in the higher end of the spectrum also, that doesn't hurt.

I'm not sure what a long lasting audiophile sounding receiver would mean. I guess that is a reference that a true audiophile has a better and more astute listening sense and that like all great things, the listening experience will continue to grow on you. For now I hope that my combination will do the same.
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