Most Musical Home Theater Receiver?


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Hello all,

Wondering what people think about what is the most musical home theater receiver. I listen to music 90% of the time. What's everyone's opinion or expirience? Looking to spend up to $1000.


save some money

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anonymous you are posting that everywhere :D

Jmusante, the Marantz line is supposedly very good for music.. check out SR-7300 ose, SR-7400 or SR-8300..

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While their are several good receivers in this price range IMO the H/K 7200 is by far the best buy right now assuming it has enough inputs for your needs. I also like the Elite 53, Marantz 7400 and NAD763 but for the money the 7200 is a real steal. $749! Are you kidding me!

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Most musical home theater receiver: Marantz or Nad...!!!


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The new Marantz SR7400 is priced at 899, only $150 more than the outgoing heavily discounted HK AVR7200.

SR7400 also has 192 kHz/24-bit audio processing for all channels.

3 year warranty on the Marantz
2 year warranty on the Harman


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I have to agree with the Marantz. I have the Marantz 7300ose and I can't say enough about it.

I did an in home audition of the NAD T752, NAD T763, and the Marantz 7300ose.

For my tastes the Marantz won hands down for music.

The NADs were very detailed but I felt they were a bit bright sounding with my speakers.

I was upgrading from a Yamaha receiver and I was looking for a warmer sound.

The Marantz is detailed and non fatiguing to the ears.

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