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Idea for the GurusGrmncrsnbr1
Wiring 1 sub to 2-channel ampdrew84063911
Need Alot of Help!Jonathan2
Good Amp for Subs?Mike Loudon1
1999 Wrangler Amp Install...steven8
Kicker cvr 15DEMIGOD334
Adding a second amp: how to?GlassWolf7
Systems not working right GlassWolf2
Amp HelpGrmncrsnbr1
Best amps recomendations...kyle24
In a time crunch, please help!?Scotty9
Amp always in protection mode after I reconnected the power cable, ...bbs4
Please help with amp kit and subjim3
Not sure how to hook up subsMichael Bates11
Amplified input?Michael Bates2
Amp Problem Help!Michael Bates3
Alpine MRD-M500 vs. JBL BP 600.1Michael Bates3
Writing on wire is + or - ?Michael Bates2
Stock amp with subsGrmncrsnbr3
Audiobahn BluesPatrick Lorenz3
How to adjust gain ?swan6
What to push these?Jordan1
What should I get to push these?Michael Bates9
Amp switchMichael Bates4
Will this amp power these subs?Wahl10
Small size amp?GlassWolf4
1.) What guage to use & 2.) A really ignorant questionFrog Morotn5
What amp for 2 Alpine SWR1241D's03Exploder6
This is dumb but a ? nonetheless00shawsim5
How to match the gains for two amps?GlassWolf3
ED ampsGlassWolf2
Amp QuestionGlassWolf5
Is the JBL GTO 601.1 as good as the 600.1GlassWolf2
Glasswolf or anyone What kind of amp? Please Help! GlassWolf7
Will this work?Mike5
Blown voice coil ?Michael Bates10
Wiring Question...(Maybe Glasswolf or Johnathan?)Steve Ocheltree5
Other brands, like Cadence & Coustic for SQGlassWolf10
Glasswolf how should subs be wired ?GlassWolf11
Building new Rockford system HELP!Patrick Lorenz2
Is my Amp to powerful for my alternator?Alex Vanino9
Trying to get the biggest sound out of my systemDEMIGOD333
Sub ohm configurationAnonymous3
Mono block??GlassWolf2
You can run a single voice coil 4 ohm at 2 ohms right?GlassWolf4
Protection Mode....Help!GlassWolf2
Please Help!GlassWolf4
I need help from one of the gods hereJonathan6
Amp Selection helpGustavo Alonso Nevar2
Amp decision for 2 JL 10w3V2'sJonathan4
Amp for 2 - 12L7'semhthfmfhmmgf8
Help please, overloaded ampGregg D2
2 Ohm Load help!!GlassWolf2
What Amp to BuyGlassWolf5
Amp Suggestions Based on my Subs.GlassWolf3
Amp kits?GlassWolf9
Proton 222Wahl9
???Good Amp???jim7
Fried Amp?Jonathan3
Best Amp for JL 12w3v2sAnonymous1
What do you use?fads5
Amp questionDa_Bears6
Amp choices afds12
Amp kits???davids20046
Unknown boomdavids20043
Wiring Kit HelpJonez7881
Help Please!Patrick D.3
Is this a good trade0Ff_B3atz6
Newb question: amp for subdavids20042
Help, my amp keep shut offAndy14
Amp for saleAnonymous3
Power acoustik good or bad? betterthanaverage5
Need Help on amp? Glasswolf?GlassWolf2
Audiobahn amp questionGlassWolf4
Professional opinion requestedGlassWolf4
Advise please - Boston FX5 and kicker?John1
Need helpJayJ2
What are the best ampsJayJ3
Need advice on an ampdavid hizzle11
Wiring up the subGlassWolf2
Earth loop problem, phoenix Titanium Gold 500.4 ampGlassWolf3
About the alternatorsGlassWolf6
"Audiobahn" Glasswolf and other experts, I ApologizeGlassWolf24
ORION / alpine schematic neededbrax t1
JBL 600.1---2 ohm or 4 ohm subs, which is better ?jim1
JBL 600.1---2 ohm or 4 ohm subs, which is better ?jim2
JBL and Memphis AmpsBLADE1
What kind of amp to push three 12" subwoofers(kicker cvr's)...Anonymous10
Should i get 2 600 watts or 1 1000 watt?callmenice11
Audiobahn ampPatrick Lorenz2
Help with kx1200.1Juan gomez7
What to power this? PLEASE HELP!!!Juan gomez5
What are ohms?JayJ2
Are my subs hooked up right ?JayJ2
Humming noise coming from my ampJayJ7
Clarion????chris haggart1
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