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What makes Kole MFW's so bad?bruhneedluv21
Passive Radiator in lieu of PortJonathan4
Punch P1 or P2 subs Patrick Lorenz2
Big bass with components under $4000Anonymous4
Question for anyoneAnonymous2
Capacitor questionAnonymous2
Subwoofers for trucksAnonymous1
Question(s) for allbruhneedluv24
Question about Alpine 12" R serieshiphopanonymous17
My SystemPatrick Lorenz6
Eclipse = Ground Zero ?????GermanGuy2
Making my own boxWahl2
Amp for jl12woNew Guy232
Adire 10 or 12sJonathan4
Who has used kicker or coustic subsshowSomeManner10
Ultimate Sub below 1000 $ wantedits_bacon1211
JBL or Adire for trucksits_bacon124
The Epicenterhiphopanonymous1
Loudest sub setup that mantains good SQRickey Rodriguez7
Bass Advice - inverted, ported, sealed???!?Patrick Lorenz3
Difference in Hz and Inverting subsits_bacon122
Quick questionits_bacon122
Adire Shivas?Jonathan2
Amp for a Pair of 10" Orion H2Anonymous4
Eclipse soundstream not poundingAnonymous4
Nice 12inch subs that can catch real low bassJonathan9
JL 12WO or 12W3V2John Loomis6
Good amp of brahmadannyboy5
Good sub??Anonymous2
KICKER Solo Baric Enclosure ???Anonymous1
Power 1501bdAnonymous1
Im scaredAnonymous3
JL or Adire?Ryan9
JL Audio 10W7 QuestionAnonymous12
Kicker compVRsWahl2
Local Audio Shops Not Working......Anonymous5
Punch HE Jonathan5
Sub sounds funnyMichael Wasyliw3
Alpine type R 12"s or Infinity kappa perfect 12"s or Eclipse alumin...Michael Wasyliw6
Alpine Type R 10" ??Michael Wasyliw3
Warning about Rockford and Infinity Subwoofers!Jonathan4
Reversed SubwoofersJonathan2
Couple Question for ya'llAnonymous6
Best bet??Jonathan10
Are subs directionalJonathan9
What amp to power w3v2'sspl2
Cerwin Vega sub woofersdavids20042
KICKER Solo Baric Encloser ????Wahl2
2 12" Volfenhag's (4712) with 1600 watt Volf ampryan knoll1
Subs cutting outzetec1
04 kicker 12l7 2ohmhrestnfngfn1
Running Subwoofers At HomeThatGuyYouKnow2
Dual Voicecoil ??Robert J3
Sony??Michael Wasyliw2
Audiobahn (please read)Jonathan47
Making a boxJonathan6
Does Size Matter?Jonathan3
Enclosure volume is too small, is that ok?Jonathan2
Which 15?????????Jonathan7
Amp to Power Two JL W6v2'sJason Mays3
Not sure what I wanna doJustin Olimpaito1
Got pulled over for sound pollutionGlassWolf12
OT: OMG whats wrong with these peoplelogan gaudreau39
Running Subwoofers At HomeKyle R6
Pioneer Subwoofers for TrucksDonald R2
Wats better??Wahl6
Question(s) for allswan11
HOPIN 4 SOME HELP wit ma alpine type sAnonymous1
2 amps , 1 sub?Kyle R3
Sub Box Buildingdavids20045
Would This Work out...REDSKIN6
5 channel Tube Amp ratings - RMS?T J Peterson3
$$$Real Low Bass Song$$$Ya6
Are These Subs Too Much For This AmpPatrick Lorenz7
Amp for W7Wahl11
Rearview MirrorRyan4
Powering shivasJonathan2
12'' adire shiva vs. jl audio 12" w3v2Braddon Calloway1
RFR 3110davids20042
RFR 3110davids20046
Eclipse vs. jlJonathan2
Hey Glasswolf, or anybody eseJonathan15
Adire, re, and idJonathan8
Box slidingJonathan4
STuffing BoxesJonathan12
Box design questionO.C.3
Ported Box helpJayJ8
Box CrucialJayJ3
Cadence SubwoofersWahl5
Alpine type s's.... wat kinda amp..?jeff thomas compton2
Needin some help wit wat amp.... please helpAnonymous1
3 12's in my trunk????jeff thomas compton5
The best 10" subs you can get for around $150 eachjeff thomas compton10
8" W7Jonathan3
Are Rockford fosgate's any good?Jonathan9
Kicker 15" box size.....Wahl3
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