Warning about Rockford and Infinity Subwoofers!


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First I have rockford subs, and they are good, and I know many people love fosgate and infinity, but consider the following:

The new rockford and infinity products are being mass produced as these companies sign deals with large companies like futureshop, subs that used to be made with cast baskets are now being made outta stamped steel to speed up production, the sub cones are poorly re-inforced and often the display cheaper models are cracked in the stores. 3 or 4 years ago fosgate was amazing in the car audio world, but they have turned into a business and look for profit, infinity, owned by Harmon'Kardon line of companies including (jbl and quest) (jbl amps and woofers have not resorted to cheaper materials yet and still produce an excellent product thank god)

There are new emerging companies coming into the car audio world now that are at where Fosgate was, they make better equipment for half the price.

Fosgate used to be hand made amps, they used to test every product that came out of their factory, now read the custom amp sheet that came with your amp, does it not say (based on.... tested 1 in 100... or some bs?) mine did.

Ok, now that I have said my peace all those who are the loyal fans of Fosgate, or remember infinity for what they do in the home theater world, can tear my argument apart.........

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Yea I remember Fosgate when I fist got into car audio. I was amzed at the stuff they made. Last week I was in best buy picking some Monstor Cable wireing for my dad's speakers and happend to see the and hear the new subs on Fosgates line. I looked at them and I was like these might sound pretty good. And boy was I suprised. They sounded like sh*t. I know Best Buy usually doesn't give the subs justice for power but the one by me was getting something new with the power so the guy was like I'll run this big Rockford amp to them. I was disapointed. The damn kenwood tornado subs sounded better.LoL! Owell at least Kicker subs are still made to last.

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Yep, seen a few competition kicker and JL beaten to death before they gave up. Solo-baric square subs took the last SPL competition we hosted.

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Yeah, Both Rockford and Infinity have given themselves to marketing shelves at Best Buy and Circuit City. I'm also not too crazy about Infinity or Rockford subs, but the Kappa and Kappa Perfect line of components (while not my favorites) are very good. Rockford has completely lost quality in everything. The Kappa Perfect Subs are o.k., but there are much better for the price (Adire Audio Brahma).
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