Are These Subs Too Much For This Amp


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If i was to get 4, 4000 watt peak subs, 2000 watts rms, would 4 2000 watt amplifiers, one amp for each sub, would the amps be able to handle the subs or could i cut down on the amps....the amps are Lanzar VIBE268's...and the subs are
JBL GTi Series W12GTi 12 inches...thanks and please leave responses with your help


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those subs peobably dont need 2000 watts going to them. just get to 2000 watt amps and you should be fine

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th only thing i dont know about is i got a new 2004 BMW M3, and i dont know if the trunk will be able to fit all 4 subs, and i would have to buy a plexiglass sub box, and if i got up to 8000 watts it would blow my windows out so i will most likley have to buy new plexiglass windows, but do u think i should just buy the 4 subs with an amp each or buy the 4 subs and try it with 2 or 3 amps

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YES, ALWAYS, go with the biggest and baddest amp you can afford and then only run them at a percentage of max, this is the best way to minimalize your distortion and ensure that you are getting true rms power.

a 2000 watt amp is maybe 500 rms, run at 25% power is 125 watts per channel clean amazing sound

a 125watt per channel rms amp run at full gain will not sound as good

Assuming that both amps are the same company and model line.

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Ok if i wasto get the 4 amps and the 4 subs that i mentioned above how many watts do you think i will be putting out total?

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Well, the Lanzar amps are over rated. They probably don't put out half what they say they can. Besides if you do have 4 true 2000 rms amps you would need a few batteries and a couple of alts. That is alot of power to supply.

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That is friking awsome- let me know how 4 AMPs and 4 big subs works out.
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