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I have been thinking of building my own sub box. I was wondering on where to buy the materials? Do they sell the MDF at places like home depot and lowes? Also what type of adhesive and screws do you recommend and thickness of the MDF? And any special techniques that make the process easier or smoother?

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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The MDF is usually bought at lowes or the Home Depot. For me it came in a 4x8 foot sheet for about 20 bucks. That will PROBABLY be enough. I would recommend that you go ahead with some High Strength liquid nails to seal each of the joints where you bond the ends of the boards. I like the Green Temper Treated wood screws and about 1 1/2" screw or 2" screws would do just fine. The MDF only comes in a standard thickness, so that should be fine. I also use a Heavy Duty Silicone seal around the inside of the box cracks the further seal it. The most important thing to remember is to always, always predrill the holes for the screws. MDF is just a fiber board, so although its pretty tough, it does split apart fairly easily, do try not to crack the board.

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Sweeet. Thanks for the help. I just can't see spending $$ buying a box when I have the tools to build one for probably about half the cost.

Thanks again

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this guides you through it step by step. I got this off here the other day because I was thinkin about building a box for my sub too. my

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fixed the link for ya
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