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What do you guys think would sound best? 4 15" w3v2's in slot ported boxes or sealed boxes? I will have them running their full rms. They will be in an Expedition. I want it to be loud as h*ll in the cab and sound good. I heard ported 12's in a Hummer and they were loud but sounded like they were bottoming out at high volume. I also heard 4 12's in sealed boxes in a Tahoe and they sound louder and clearer. They were the same subs and amps ad the other guy. I wanna know if the difference with the 15's would be like those 12's were? Any help would be appreciated.

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If you push subs too hard in a ported box, they can bottom out since a ported box doesn't have the cone control that a sealed box does. It depends on if the box is proper for the sub. Honestly, 15" subs aren't the best for sound quality, 12's are my pick for a good mix of low bass and responsiveness. I like sealed for its SQ and flat response, but you need a lot of power to get the SPL that a ported box has. A proper ported box can have good SQ, but it's REALLY hard to get a ported box to sound as good as a sealed. My recommendation is two ID maxxes, Adire Brahmas, or Resonant Engineering X.X.X. series subs. Two RE 15" subs will hit 150 db in the right box with the right power, it's more than enough to blow your eardrums out. Two 12" of any of the subs I mentioned should be enough for your needs. All have great sound quality.

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Cool. Where could I look to find the RE's?
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