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I just ordered a JL audio 12W7 and I'm ordering a JL audio 500/1 amp sometime in the near future. I'm currently 16 so I have hardly no cash at all so I planned on building my own box for the W7. I was wondering what kind of wood do you use when building a box or does it matter? and is there anything else I should know. i planned on building the sealed encloser to JL audio specs off their site. Thanks.

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Yea sealed enclosure would be your best bet for the 12W7. To make it use 3/4" MDF. For the front of the enclosure you need to stack two pieces of the wood so that it becomes 1 1/2" thick to mount the W7 to.
This site will basically tell you what you need and how to build it. They show you how to make your monting surface for the subwoofer 1 1/2" thick. Make sure you use some kind of bracing inside the box. Did you look on the JL Audio webpage? I'm sure they have the instructions for the box you want to build for your W7.

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Yeah I looked but all I could find was the online manual for the W7 and it had the specs for the box but that was all. But thanks you have been extremely helpful. one thing though.. I don't want to sound stupid because I see this term used all the time but have never understood what it was. 3/4" MDF. What the hell does MDF stand for? lol! Sorry if that's a stupid question but I'm just now learning the basics. And I figured JL audio would be the best to go with. I've heard nothing but good stuff about them.

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nevermind the last post about MDF i looked at crutchfield and now i know

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It does matter the type of wood to use. 3/4" MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. When you buy your wood, i suppose you would go to Lowles or Home Depot, then just ask a empolyee that you need 3/4 or 5/8 inch MDF. They will know what it is. MDF is very packed wood. It is very fine and very smooth. It is THE wood for box building. JL audio is THE best to go with. You will never need to buy another sub. Especally a W7. Good Job! Down by my house a 3/4" 4X8 sheet of MDF is around $17. Make sure you buy a tube of Liquid Nails (the blue stripe one that reads Heavy Duty and you buy a tube of Silicone Caulk to seal. Both are about $1.50ea.) Also when working with MDF if you put either drywall screws or nails in it to attach sides make sure you PRE-DRILL. MDF is so compact if you dont it will crack big time.

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4x8 sheet of 3/4 or 1" MDF. Should be between 20 and 30 for 3/4 or 1 inch. Like everyone said above, get caulk and wood glue, also drywall screws, predrill any hole before you put a screw in. Put wood glue on before screwing, it's also a good idea (if you can) to put a channel where the sides meet the top and bottom and put glue in that, it assures no leakage and will prevent leaking if it warps. The inset that leaves also makes putting carpet on a lot easier as you can cut pieces instead of trying to wrap the entire box. After everything including carpet, it should be below 50 bucks.
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