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Does a bad ground = more potential for clipping?keith2
Amp for alpine speakers needed??? whos smart im not loljosh spivey3
Is it possibledan doalty3
600w JBL Sub (what amp should i get???)dan doalty5
Sub box tuningSomeDonnieDude3
Some one help my JL 500/1 diedKiLLa13
What setting...wire my amp at?josh spivey1
Hifonics Zeus Z600 Rms RatingsM.S.3
Remote turn on leadM.S.5
Amp for rl-pJes Sakmar37
Which amp....?Joey DeSalvo5
The Remote LeadM.S.5
Protection lightJason Flournoy2
How do i go about setting the gain on my amp? can anyone give me ad...I- Malik3
Rockford power and punch ampst.b.4
D 100x vs. P 1000.1Kevin Holden2
Help with wiringjoe11ee5
Good?justin loew1
Amplifier advice... whos smart?josh spivey7
HmmDaddy B6
Need an amp big anough to power Pioneer Premier Comp. Subschris webb10
Amplifier advice... josh spivey1
Popping sound?? Please help...Isaac4
Amp help plzzz anyoneWalye Jahedi2
Amp gainI- Malik2
Fuse Types Optidriven2
Buying an amp. two choices???josh spivey10
1 10 inch alpine type r...amplifier?joshua spivey7
I need a new Horn6
Need an amp big anough to power Pioneer Premier Comp. Subschris webb1
Wiring: 500/1 & 300/4M.S.2
Amp for subsM.S.20
Elemental Designs I- Malik3
Sonicelectronicxjoshua spivey8
Thoughts on Amp for Alpine Type-R subjuliob9
Need Big Enough Box Specs for a crown victoriachris webb1
Hot amps! help pleaseJustin Garth5
Could a fewer fuse reduce the power in the headunit or amp?M.S.2
Hot Amp.Speaker Outlets sparkI- Malik7
Memphis 16-MC1000D Amp for selljames4
Amp for subsNVmyBOOM1
Soundstream xxx6500dmatt27
Need some help on an amplifierCorey Dalton16
Wideband Solid State Class A Amplifier modules 1-2000 MHz/2-50 Watt...Marc3
PPI PC21400 LowLife6
15" Juggernaut & 1600 hifonics brutisRob Rofa8
Infinity Reference 1211ajuliob2
Need amp help for an RE sub..james7
Memphis 1000d amp blownchris webb1
Stanton A.2800 Power Amplifier, Cambridge Audio A5 Black (Stereo ...james1
KAC-9103D OR ZX750.1Marc19
1ohm needed but have only 2 4ohm subs = 2ohmjuliob12
300-400watt ampsjuliob4
Help Tuning Equipment!Derek Horn14
Very efficient amps above 2000 rmsM.S.10
Off topic but im needin to know thisM.S.4
2 ohm power help I need 1 ohmJoey DeSalvo5
Memphis subs and 1000d amp mclassJoey DeSalvo4
Quality Amps???juliob6
Need somethin better...juliob12
Anyone know where i can get a pair of......Joe Blanford10
Rd audio/ sundown ampsKevin Holden10
Should i just go for the JL clean sweepjohn5
Need help finding a ampctmike6
Wire ?Rob7
Kenwood KAC-8103D 1000 Watt Mono AMPLIFIER M.S.7
Need help choosing an ampM.S.14
2 ea. - CADENCE ZRS-8 or 1 ea. - MTX TE1501DKevin Holden3
Orion trade for Memphis!MeSoDumm5
American Bass Subs and DB Drive subsjuliob5
Hi-low converterRich DiTieri13
Need helpAlan davis1
Rebuilding around DD9515M.S.20
Is this site legit? www.electronicgiant.comdBoiz3
Digital Designs M1a & M3 amp price?Snarl20041
AtomicMike Neufeld3
Amp stable at 1 or 4 ohm/ 750rms!!!M.S.13
What kind of amp do i need to push this subwooferM.S.15
Need HELP!!!!!! PLEASE LOOK!!!!!!cal payne14
Cuspid 800 Watt Amp AM-4503Mat Dope *****2
MTX 6500D MonoBrett Salmiery6
New amp not pushin like i thought...Renegadesrun7
APX & APXXMike Neufeld1
Need help plzz anybodyjonh smith1
Cant get gain right (dmm)M.S.41
Need help to tune new systemM.S.3
OT... RampageI- Malik1
Tuning my 500/1M.S.3
Mtx 1501 dkrs one7
Soud level??dBoiz8
Need your opinions please helpM.S.6
Need a little help pleaseM.S.5
OT: RingtonesdBoiz2
Is this a good ampctmike12
Fuse doesnt fit in fuse holder?I- Malik2
Need Recommendations on AMPSdenim3
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