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does anyone have a head unit that they want to sell!

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how much $$ u got??

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Username: Kewinn89

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well i guess i'll have to see the unit and then i can say how much i'll pay for it! i'm looking to spend about 200 and under! i really want an eclipse or either a pioneer or an alpine or a clairon

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Hey Kevin, have you seen the vr3 at Walmart, it is only 78.45$ I like the price and what it does even better, it takes usb or the sdcard I have the 2 gig. sdcard digital music awesome!! you can even get it at walmart online.. I know it's not the most hi-tech and video screen unit but it does a real good job. It has 2 preamp rca's coming out the backthe ones marked 3 and 4 are for subs the others you can split for front and rear amps. and if you want you can use the speaker outs for staging, my staging is mono but most people don't care. Here is the info on it. Hope I helped! Thanks USB/SD Car Stereo
• Plug N' Play your MP3's and WMAs, Wire-Free from your USBFlash Drive and SD Card
• Compatible with MP3, WMA and CD/CD-R/CD-RW
• Stereo/AUX Input
• 30 Preset Stations
• 4 Speaker Channels
• 2 Channel RCA Preamp Outputs
•*180 Watts Total Maximum Power (4x45 Watts)
• 4 X 21 Watts RMS
• Electronic Detachable Face Plate


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I had one of those head units. I actually liked it for the money. It was part of the first system i ever owned and i never had a problem with it.

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i just bought a 2007 Eclipse CD3100 from Circuit City for $299 plus tax

remote control and owners manual the whole deal

i got a avic d3 pioneer now

if you want it $200 shipped

i am in Florida

5 volt out

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i had one of those vr3s they r pretty good!

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Lol, virtual reality is a crap brand

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My brother told that's waht he had and never had a problem with it, I going to get one next payday do they sell them any were else like CC or BB?

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Http://www.realmofexcu..., See my KRAZY... USA

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I had a VR3 amp, ran just ONE 8inch sub on it, all it ever did was overheat and go into protect mode...
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