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Who can u fry an amp?Andrew Bjork4
Looking for experienced guidance!GlassWolf20
Amp question?Hardcore Juggalo8
Amp under 250Joey DeSalvo6
Wiring Diagrams M.S.4
Glasswolf / need your recommendation hereGlassWolf14
Phoneix gold Octane R 15:0:1... mon amp but 2 channels?M.S.15
Speaker amp installcal payne2
Bitta help plz...M.S.2
GlassWolf........ question hereM.S.13
Hifonics 1605djuliob11
Good amp or not for an L7juliob8
I really need help with this...Seth H11
Need advice on my setupOleg21
Hi... Me again... Does Class D (digital) & Class A/B make a differn...GlassWolf7
H.O. Altenator??Oleg12
Signal to Noise Ratio , is it better to have say 92 db as comparred...GlassWolf4
What amplifier ?Joel Robichaud16
ALPINE MRD-M1005 need helpJoey DeSalvo6
Whats the difference between these...juliob10
Amp for two diamond D6juliob18
Please tell me how can an Amp have a same power at 2 and 4 ohms Carl L. Linder15
Amp AdviceOptidriven4
? when hooking amp to coaxial speakers?michael foland8
ALPINE MRD-M1005 need helproger f1
MA Hk4000D anygood?matt37
FS: Xtant mono amp 750w RMS IMMACUALTE CHEAPIsaac W.6
The Truth About Sony!!!00714
Replacement Bass KnobSinful Systems Inc.8
Fuse holder mEltdown!!Sinful Systems Inc.12
F-250 wire harness schematicstim head1
Soundstream AmpsRob10
4-Channel Amp for under $300juliob4
Final two choices?Mark Highland11
I need helpctmike7
Best amp for type r'sKevin Holden13
Amplifier Help!M.S.32
The best for $1250ishJordan13
Does Brand make a mojor difference given that both have same power ...Sinful Systems Inc.6
Niche Audio na6000djuliob3
Wiring help pleaseM.S.5
Digital Designs, Kicker, Rockford, Memphis, Atomic - want any?BeN31
How to Hook My Amp to booster packOleg10
Need help with a kicker kx 200.2Oleg4
Need Help!!!!Jordan Singleton2
What is the deal?Hayden Fusilier2
2 channel amplifiersMarcus Thompson3
Another "Pick-Your-Amp" Thread :-( payne13
Capacitor or Second Battery??GlassWolf38
2 channel amplifiersMarcus Thompson1
Do i need a new alternator?Big dog6
Earthquake 200DHCjuliob2
Which amp for a d4 kicker l7 12"?juliob11
Im about to buy it good?juliob9
Adassa warlordjuliob6
My Amp Pushed that sub lol...HARD!juliob2
Need some help....frankieRAY1
Sundown SAE-1000Ddenim11
FS Blown CrossfireVR1000DSinful Systems Inc.2
Is it possible to use 2 amps on one speaker if...Oleg5
Memphis 4 kwM.S.13
Zx1500 question?juliob8
Which fosgate amp is betterjuliob8
Car audio magazinesjuliob7
A good amp to run Focal 165V3E speakersAmarjot Singh Bedi1
A good amp to run Focal 165V3E speakersAmarjot Singh Bedi1
Amp Q Joshua Moye4
Help Please!!!!!!juliob6
Need help picking amp for Crystal sscs-6juliob2
Can i bridge?juliob6
Repairing amplifier help!!!Anthony2
Which would you pick?Arthur12
Any one ever use db altQ5
Whats better than a kicker kx850.2?Technique15
Kx1200.1 or RF 1000bd for Fi BL 15"M.S.20
Amp F upM.S.3
Enough for these Pioneer's?juliob7
Wiring helpOleg29
Looking for a 1ohm stable / 4ohm stable amp.. HELPOleg42
What is the deal?SkieS2
Amp HelpKaden Clark2
Zx1000.1Matt Bradshaw24
1200 watts rms sounds the same on both 1 or 2 15'sM.S.10
Quatnum Audio QCA4000DM.S.11
Need some advicejuliob3
Pyle Subs are they good?steve skwarek24
Amp going into protectIsaac12
What amp to use for 800RMS?darryl14
Better build qualityOleg17
12v amps!Sinful Systems Inc.6
Hifonics or Volfenhag???Sinful Systems Inc.9
Channels not working correctly, possible wiring issue?Oleg8
Strappin 2 1000bdBeN5
Class D mono amp questionGlassWolf15
What amp for 2 12" RF P3's?S.L.A.B.19
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