My Amp Pushed that sub lol...HARD!


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Ok i was at my brother in laws on the weekend he has a mtx 7500 sub in a bassworx box, it is quite a nice sub for how cheap it was, but anyways he always had it powered with a fosgate p2002 amp, we always thought that amp was pushed to the limit but when u turned the headunit to about 43/60 it wouldnt get any louder, and this sub had a lot of excursion, so on the weekend we hooked my kicker zx1000.1 class d amp up to his mtx 7500 in his s10, and it pounded at first we had the gain all the way down and bass bost up 1/16 and the xover frequency was at 60 i think, we turned it up to 30 and the roof started bouncin, we turned it down and started the song over again (throw it up), we turned the gain half way up and the bass boost 3/4 the way up, and the x over up, we had te headunit at 12/60 and it was pounding bass was much more deeper and made ur heart sink lol, so we turned it up a bit more but had to eventually turn it off as we smelt burning voice coil, and yeah this 7500 is just SVC anyways just letting people know this kicker zx 1000.1 and all the other zx's are powerful! I am just going to be using this to push my 18" eclipse ti quad pro, see how that works, i recommend people to buy one of these off ebay if u need an amp that is 1000 + amps, u can get these off ebay for about 250 i think, great amp cant wait to hook up to my big boi.

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"we turned the gain half way up and the bass boost 3/4 the way up"

That f.cked the sub.

And we know kicker is good.

Thanks for your time
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