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The good,bad and the ugly ENJOYRenegadesrun46
My little systemMatt14
OT--Window tintingJoseph Kubiak3
OT> Is this gonna sound good or not?? SQ?B27
DD 2512 VS (2) 12" cvr's (Louder)charlie7
Digital Designs 3515Night Mirage13
Ummmm hahaha im going dumbJames Longo28
Digital Design ?Night Mirage20
2 15" SSD's VS 2 15" Type R'sMuddy2
Jl 13w7 amp???Abe22
One for the expertsPolo12
Vid- 6 10" Fi SSDsmat dope13
Dd 3512's perfect amp? marshall white9
Question about dd?mat dope26
How would this sound???Miichael Paul Bessie7
Good 12inch subsEseEsai20
Need helpMaris2
Ot>tape or cd'sMark Highland3
Look here and chose wisely........Renegadesrun19
Subs please{}D[][]v[][]D[][]\[]15
Scott at FIctmike8
1 18" BTL hits 170db?mat dope14
2 15 inch SSD's or 1 15 inch BTLReece Brassler21
Ported Vs. SealedMark S8
Port questionkris ackermann5
Hurryblaine westropp7
Kicker l7'slilrob9
OT: Funny beer email i got.mat dope2
Will 2 x dd9512 sound better with 2 x orion 5000d ?B12
Question?James Longo3
Muddy this is for u....Jordan Singleton23
OT - This is amazing!Chauncey Brown9
Box buiding program[Kéviñ_Previé]6
Ot- i got a ticket tonitedisturb3d_pri3st25
Four door Explorer Sub-WooferJames Longo3
AA atlas's 2 hours leftmat dope15
Random questionYanks Fan9
SPL/daily box for sale...3 interchangable ports.James Bongo12
Double bassLogan4
Ot: Metal Gear Awesome/\/\ike10
Lil rob, or anyone with an explorer...Josh Sousa11
RTA for pcmat dope8
Quick questionkris ackermann3
Mick Update?Polo39
New Box Sketch UpPolo19
4" VC 12's?Troy Stafford1
Right sub?Muddy24
Wiring DD 2512a's to 2ohm?James Longo2
Sound dedaning options?Muddy5
Db drag world finals...Muddy14
OPINIONS Joey DeSalvo28
15" sub(s) helplilrob7
Treo tsx or comparable FI subMuddy2
Orion1200d or ednine.1?Muddy11
Where can i find subwoofer videos?Muddy9
ISH gots to GO! B18
Preventing box impedence rise?B8
Kicker subs???klez7
Some advice??bob impact7
If any body wants it box buildin softwareHayden Fusilier2
If any body wants it box buildin softwareMatt Lanier1
Possibly Selling my SubSteinkeastg13
Hey RenegadesrunRenegadesrun25
First System Shopping ListReece Brassler10
Ot>No one probably notice I was gone, but...bernyMAC4
Pics of new amp placement[Kéviñ_Previé]19
Profile amps?Yanks Fan3
FOR SALE: Pioneer Premier DEH-P860MPBrady Fedro3
New Ascendant Assassinmat dope3
TWO ALTERNATORSimpala63rag17
Just bought my sub!!Yanks Fan28
I need confirmationcharlie10
Need Help!!!!!ctmike4
FOR SALE alpine type R midbass drivers Tremor11275
2 JL audio 12w3v2s FOR SALE!Goin Deaf14
How much r these?Muddy12
1000 watts...what subJosh Sousa39
How much r these?James Longo2
Dont try to dis AudioqueJames Longo15
Which is better 12"s for the price?michael foland13
Would this workJames Longo4
Dust cap glueJordan Singleton11
Im worriedKiLLa25
Kicker subs???marc9
Subwoofer choice, DD, Audioque, FiMuddy16
Will they be worth the money i would have to save??Muddy4
Legacy LA290Muddy7
Scott.... FiMuddy12
Sub directionMuddy11
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