OT - This is amazing!


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They are developing computers like in Minority Report that you move the data around with your hands. Watch this movie of the guy demonstrating it that is soooo cool! :-)

The video might be annoying and have to buffer like every 30 seconds, but it is worth it!

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wow that is amazing...looks like they are using mac software...or at least something like it.

is that an operating system or a program

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WOW. Really cool. Especially the part where he moves the photos.

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man it's amazing how fast technology is growing. Once it hit's a certain point it just get's faster and faster. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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i want one

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matrix (=O)

is tht wut ur thinkin james?

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I've actually seen something like that before but it wasn't that advanced with the zooming and panning of the camera/view angles.Impressive :-)The only problem with the advancement in technology is people lose their jobs...:-(

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exactly! it is like we are getting closer and closer to those futuristic movies.

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yeah igot one of those in my room right now..and im using it to write this
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