Kicker subs???


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Username: Haydog_08

Arkansas US

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Registered: Oct-06
So what does everyone think about the L7 12", 15" kicker subs???? Worth buying??

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Username: Motomaze

Ont Canada

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Registered: Sep-06
they are square they put out alot in spl but i dont like them personaly id rather have the re xxx subs

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Username: Grebnereon

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Registered: Mar-06
yeah...L7 is loud but they lack in sound quality...some people know that they are buying spl subs and still dont like the way they sound

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Username: Freezeman_7

Lindsay, Oklahoma

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i wouldnt own any l7's i had my share with l5. i hated them so bad....

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Username: Extrmndor3

Chicago, Ill Us

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kicker square subs are the worst speaker u can get expect for spl . they are good for spl till they blown. those woofers are the most returned woofers inc ar audio history along wiht insignia subs and type e

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Username: Th3pwn3r

Chicago, Illinois U.S.A

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They are the most returned probably because the people that buy them have no knowledege of car audio and probably clip the fucc out of them.Most people buy them because they are loud for cheap,I've met total idiots that have no idea how any car audio works and they have those subs and tell me how much they bang but they blew...

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Username: Extrmndor3

Chicago, Ill Us

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Registered: Feb-06
dude the square design make stress points in the woofer u retunr them fro ripped sorrounds. plus their cooolin isnt great probably one of the crappiest thats why they are rated for 750 rms and they can even take 1500 rms for like 30 min

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Username: Livin_loud


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Registered: Jan-06
I think one of the biggest reasons people end up returning so many Solos is because nobody breaks them in properly and they end up frying them... I think what Rob said is true as well actually. Mine are doing just fine :-)

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Username: Van_man

Boston South, MA

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Registered: Mar-06
Ive had no problem with mine, being as its the third replacement. But it plays hard at ~ 850-900 wrms. Tho I am selling it in with plans of getting 2 12W6's with dvc2
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