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Every played any of the Metal Gear games?
Watch this :-)


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Try Google

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wanna reck your comp? go to newgrounds. lol

well, maybe if you have crappy anti-virus, but my friends comp freezes intermittently from going to those game sites all the time user error, probably. pita...definitely.

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great game i juzz finished 4 times 3 days ago the mgs3. im planning to brek my record of7 on mgs2

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beat all metal gears so far exceot the NES ones...I have one copy though. Playing the AC!D ones on psp, different and cool

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I posted that vid along time ago in the gaming section. I actually just started playing Sons of Liberty again a couple days ago. It had been awhile since I played it last. I now cannot remember how to get past the part where you are swimming with the girl on your back. I've killed her like ten times trying to find the way out.

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wow u guys still play games, i haven't turned my ps2 on in like 2months.

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lol i love mgs the only on i didnt beat cause i never really played was the new one for ps2 i forget wat it was called

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well i only played MGS on the Ps1 - was quite good

briefly tested about 10mins into each of the newer sequels .....

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Here's something people may not know...In Metal Gear:Sons of Liberty....we see Snake supposedly die then the new guy takes over, and he eventually meets someone who we KNOW is Snake....Snake introduces himself as a guy named PLISKIN.....Ok, heres the thing...

SNAKE PLISKIN is the character that Kurt Russel plays in the movie Escape From New York.....

don't know if this was done intentionally, but I would almost bet it was.

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Hmm... thats neato!
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