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if you ran a 2 channel amp and just connected every output from the amp to the sub would it double the power or be the same as bridging it? and do you think it would hurt the amp to do that if it would work?

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umm...if im readin right ur gunna hook both channels up to teh same spot. in that case it would be bad. But, you can hook one channel up to each VC, in that case it wouldnt hurt, but it would b the same as bridging it.

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Username: Bsman

Sarnia, Ontario Canada

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why would it be bad to connect both channels to the same vc would it over power it?

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so you want to take the left and right pos and the left and right neg and put them together to one voice coil? This would work but sound awfull. You are going to get the a stereo effect through one speaker. Bass notes are going to overlap and spound bad. just run it bridged it does the same thing but allow's the amp to run a mono signal out so it sounds decent and not just garrgled mush. You will aslo get double the power out of it run mono. Say a amp does 50x2 at 4ohms and 100x2 at 2 ohms, that amp bridged will put out 200 watts into 4 ohms. where you were just getting 100 running it stereo.
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