Legacy LA290


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Just curious.. got this amp from a friend for free and well since it was free I took it.. Pretty sure the rms on that amp is like 4x20 Lol!

But anyway.. my car has the factory monsoon and well it sounded great until I changed my H/u.. with the stock component amp and the new 4 volt pre-outs the amp sends a distorted signal to the components. Think it would be worth swapping the factory amp with the Legacy LA290.. No money to buy a cheap 4 channel although in the future I will definantly be getting one..

But 20rms per speaker.. eeek! Is it enough?! Its got two pairs of component setups.. one per door

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No offense man, but that amp is....Upload

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Username: Frkkevin

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yea i know.. but how bad could it be compared to the factory amp lol.. at least i can gain match the h/u and the amp to get rid of the distortion i have now..

i can't gain match my h/u with the factory amp

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dude i used to have that amp.. it had a birthsheet that rated it at 15x4 at 4 ohms.. that amp is a piece man. its prolly worse than you factory amp.

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yea but at least you can match voltage and then i would not have to worry about the horrid distortion.. damnit now idk what to do... idk how many rms my stock component sets will handle

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Try Google

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i seriously let out the gheyest laugh evAr when i saw that handicap pic....thank you Paul. :-)
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