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Mythbusters trys to destroy a car with a subwooferMuDDy2
Quick questionshawn1
My NEW install L00k!!!juliob28
Best SQLmark scafetta20
Picking The Right Subsshawn2
Sell cvx's and buy arsenals???02GPpIMPIN6
600 to 800 RMS02GPpIMPIN6
RE Audio XXXalgirard13
Best Sub for Kicker SX900.4Kshkol4
Boston Acoustics G510-44Brett2
Who's coming to the Milwaukee competition on suday? matt stuczynski9
Ported box...Dustin16
IDK?? but it keeps turning offjames caroll6
Myth Busters!!!!Jordan Singleton2
Im lost to thistimothy scott8
OT - Mythbuster's at 9pm ET. RE Subs Used!!!shawn15
Wrong section but oh wellcharlie3
Local shop idiotsAbe9
Help pleaseJordan Singleton2
Orion 2500d...Jordan Singleton9
Need to make sql box for audifobahn 1000x 10" sub what dimensionsJeff Hanks3
Experts especialy please read.MuDDy119
NATEJake Hill3
My subandy F1
OT-Three Six Mafia -Late Nite TipTweaker11
Need to make sql box for audifobahn 1000x 10" sub what dimensionsJeff Hanks1
BASS TUBES! Any good?JC7
Building Tommorrow let me know what you thinkAdam12
Chad lee...Chad Lee8
How loud?MuDDy6
Question about 8 ohm wiring for subJexx2
TreoChad Lee6
Somewhat off topic, what were they called?GlassWolf5
AA Arsenal boxMatthew Lee9
Box questionDerek Moore1
Box porting?Mr. Bojangles2
Blown sub?rick ross4
Woofer noise?Chad Lee12
3 diffrent kicker L7'sjake papa3
Hey ZacDustin4
Logitech Z5500 Subwoofer - can i use this in my car?[...Rovin...]4
Best SPL sub with a little SQ for $400Kevin50
Cerwin vega stroker 15s?Kevin10
Back again!! /(setup)\Roland Berthiaume3
Big decision, need help..MuDDy4
Kicker distributerkiller2
Help wiring A8002v w/ Kicker CompVR12"s plzRobert E.7
Which would you chooseblaine westropp21
Pvc portjustin ogle22
All this for only $150 im jumpin on it..loljames caroll8
Site questionAir87_052
Muddy or someoneJordan Singleton6
All this for only $150 im jumpin on it..loljames caroll1
OT: funny JokeJames Longo8
Little help?Halter3
OT-Three Six Mafia -Late Nite TipPelon12
OT car audio cookbookWrEaK HaVoC5
WinISD questionMichael Anthes3
Best subs out there?Archie Clark28
What are the specs of this subwoofer?Pelon7
Treo tsxChad Lee13
Determining if an amp is overrated...Jexx4
4 15 inch cvxdrivingreckless26
AudioBAhn AmpsKeith Mcvicker88
Kicker L7Jesse D3
System troubleTyler Wayne Fletcher5
What would sound bettershawn13
Need a damn good box builderdrivingreckless2
Help building a boxJexx7
Know any good box builders in new york?Logan4
MTX 9500 15inch or Kicker l7 15 inch WhIcH Is LoUdErJustBlaze11
HO alt or extra battery for my setup?X18
My sub is here.JustBlaze34
How should L7 be wiredJustBlaze8
Best/Worse Audio Equipmentjuliob53
AA Arsenalmat dope5
Need help on building a boxAir87_057
OT-Painting brake calipers???GlassWolf7
JL 8w7 on EBay, starting at $150 - No Reserve!iwrk4satan1
Whats the problem!!!justin ogle3
Rock onTroy Stafford4
Tcab boxesPolo6
IDQ vs RL-iMuDDy2
Help with ohmsjustin ogle3
OT: How many kicks does it take.....David West2
Port helpgratalica bom3
Type x questionsChad Lee8
Speaker wire gauge help.Mr. Bojangles5
Kicker L7 ohm loadsX5
Good or badJesse D30
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