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Amplifier Install helpCarlos2
Cap questionMathew James Wonnaco1
Can anyone answer these questions?BrAd GiLmAn14
Sealed or PortedChauncey Brown10
Treo SSX1500.1 f/sOso1
True RMS Ratingsmikechec92
My amp's power keeps going on and off...Vincent Vegas4
Pyle AmplifiersYoung James3
Amp outputJames G4
Brett - Re: Authorized Orion RetailersJames G1
Loudest sound system ever madeYoung James3
PPI art seriesJake Davis4
Got it installed in circuit city...question??blaine westropp20
Bridging 2 jl 1000.1 Jake Davis9
Power helpJake Davis4
Pylety mutlow5
4 ohms or 2ohms???Thomas White5
What amp to get?Chauncey Brown2
Type Rs sealed or portedThomas White5
Eclipse cd 8454 ( i know it not an amp)James T. Kirk11
Amp Help Please!Jay Chan3
Hifonics amp for 2 12" type r alpinesThomas White8
What amp for a pair of RE SX'sDustin Pettit2
New rockford punch and mtx subs need amp??zack safern7
Soundstorm power?blaine westropp5
Pioneer Amp cutting outDanadena4
Amp power switchBrett2
Help please with what i needucfsaxman2
What to doucfsaxman2
Wire QuestionNick Wilks1
Rca questionChris Engarde2
Isaac and James Longo I just thought of somthingLiL Jon2
I think I have become obsessed...Young James18
JL Audio 1000/1 & Alpine Type-X 12"Young James2
Amp for two 12 inch type r's?Brett27
How do i wire to 1ohm load BrAd GiLmAn10
What amp should i buy?Victor the mechanica4
Which kicker mono amp should i hook up to my two 15inch dual 4ohm L...blaine westropp2
Is this a good amp or no?* Rovin *25
Concept 1200W or JL 500/1two4fifteen4
I have a mono amp how many watts are going to each voicecoil?ty mutlow3
Isaac and James Longo I just thought of somthingLiL Jon1
Got a problemjames was helped5
Need your opinionMathew James Wonnaco4
Help please with what i needSeth Lowe2
I finally got my MTX 1501d (Isaac .W)Karamjit Singh9
2 ampslouie letourneau3
I need help with me ampTimothy Stevenson6
Bridging JBL BP300.1?James G6
How do i wire in series-parallel connection to get a 2ohm load CadillacDb6
Kinda doesn't have a specific thread, but help!Tyler1
Anyone want 2 New KICKER CVR12 D4 12" subs and a new Boss 1200w C...BrAd GiLmAn3
10" Alpine type X series wondering what amp Brett7
Boss amp,mephis woofer comboNate8
Audiobahn vs. HifonicsNate8
I have $2000, and I NEED a sound system. Help?* Rovin *3
What do you think?Nate4
Whats a good quality budget amp ??Thomas White10
Need a lil help anybody...Marcus Bauer4
Rovin need your help!* Rovin *2
About my post earlier...Marcus Bauer4
350.4 kicker kx amp lucas beckner2
Heads up....orion hcca275g4 for saleLiL Jon2
Are these amps n e good??* Rovin *4
No power to my subsInfinity Addict6
AMP Help... what's step no.1?Isaac W.2
Amp* Rovin *4
Orion concept 97 3Pasi Myllynen1
Is tweeter reliable??Jonathan10
Im stuck with a wiring problem.ty mutlow8
What amp for a single diamond audio D612D2?Vincent7
Connecting an IPOD -> CAR AMP - what kind of CABLES?lucas beckner3
I need your opinions on this amp!!!lucas beckner4
How do i wire in series-parallel connection to get a 2ohm load brad gilman3
JL 500/1 up for sale on EBAY with NO RESERVEMO4
How many amps?Chauncey Brown2
Orion 1200DTyler5
Amp for infinity speakersJared Savage5
Amp for my speakersKyle Schatz14
Help with amp...!!!ty mutlow4
Helpty mutlow2
Amp shutting offty mutlow2
2 channel amp helpty mutlow4
Amp for RE SE10Dustin Pettit7
Forgot to connect Rem Amp WireSteven Stevens3
Help! Choosing the right amp for 2 alpine type r"sChad Lee2
Audio Experts plz help(Set Configuration)lj9
Looking for a match* Rovin *2
Hooking up the remote for two amps???* Rovin *2
Just made a purchase need some feedback!!Chauncey Brown10
!!Amp help!!* Rovin *8
Strange Amp interference? - need helpty mutlow5
Not sure what is wrong?.....ty mutlow2
I need an expert opinion!ty mutlow7
Wiring 1 ohm VX-2200D amp with 2 aw1208t 1 ohm subsbrad gilman41
Not sure how many people have seen thisChauncey Brown10
Amp help please...mojoed5
Pg xenon 600.1 amp or JBL GTO 1201.1 ampZach9
Need help setting a ampChad Lee2
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