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I have a question on my stereo system in my 68 Camaro. I have a brand X shaft style (low power) deck with pre-amp hook ups hooked to a Pioneer (I believe a GM-1000) amp. They are driving 2 12" Pioneer (free air) subs and 2 Pioneer 6x9's (I believe 6980's). The car is equiped with a Delco 78 amp internal reg. alternator and the smallest (physical size) lead acid battery. The problem I have is, when I am driving down the road I can turn it up pretty loud, not really loud, but pretty load. When I slow down the amp will cut out. If I turn it down, the amp will power back up. When I am driving down the road and try to turn it up very loud, the amp will cut out. When the car is in the shop with the battery charger on it, I can turn it up pretty loud.
I have another car with the same set up except for dual amps and a physically bigger battery, it has no problem what's do ever.
Is it the battery in the Camaro is to small? It is a new battery and the reason it is so small is the car has a over sized radiator and can not fit a bigger battery. I took the alternator to Autozone, they said it was fine.
Does anybody have any input on this?

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it is obviously a charging problem....When your car is in motion, your alternator is working harder, therefore, pusing out more amps. A 78 amp alternator is an extremely small one when it comes to running car audio. I suggest you get an HO alternator with a lot more amps and your problem should be solved. My even consider getting a yellow top battery. Whatever you do, DON'T GET A CAPACITOR!! Many people make this mistake. All that does is show's you how you can waste your money on stuff you don't need. If won't help you out at all.

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Thanks Young James,
What would be considered a "HO" alternator for this application and would I have to change any of the wiring? The reason I ask, the car came originally with a 55 amp externally regulated alternator. I just don't want to cook anything.
Thanks agian,

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Hello again,
I just found this 160 amp alternator on e-bay. Has anybody delt with this out fit? Do you think this will fix the problem? Will the factory wiring be ok? Does anybody know of any better prices? Any help would be GREAT!
Here is the link: S_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33573QQitemZ7995481850QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V
Thanks again,
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