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Box Building Question?scuba steve9
Dual Voice coil DigramJace Edlund5
Totally NEW SYSTEM.. HELP!!Compluva2
Great Wofferproks35
Speaker wire gaugeJoe Smoe7
Budget System for my Bro/ CVR's ? / Glasswolf ?MO24
Subs being wierd....helpsomeonehelpplease5
Feeler 15" Ascendant Audio Avalanche FS/FT?Roger O2
Speakers on a ampJ-Rell1
What are the most decibals you have persoanlly ever heard?George Danko38
Can it happenWahl7
How to tune boxes?Sevin71
Why is it louder with the windows downGlassWolf25
Several questions for the expertsGlassWolf4
Glass... your pers. opinionGlassWolf6
Would this work.GlassWolf7
WORD OF THE WEEK: OhmCompluva4
Polyfill QuestionCnc8376
Frontfire vs Downfire?Juelz2
Jl 10w7 vs 12w7Chris Klein2
Power distribution troubleCasey Compton3
Crossover frequency average setting?Letto3
Wiring for a mtx 942.2Shawn7
Alpine R vs. XLetto4
GlassWolf / System Check for Upcoming InstallDave Richer13
Lol hard pollCasey Compton5
2 kicker comp vr or 1 L5 Shawn12
Re Mt 12 qvcSubfanatic10
Why are my speakers not that loud?Jace Edlund8
Need help on subsCompluva2
Reached Deadend! Researched this for 1-2 wks ( I swear to God!) Pl...Sean Gibson34
Xbl2 technology: what is it? superior to other designs? why?Sean Gibson17
Tips for less rattling in my trunkChris Person2
Jl 10w3v2 in a dodge ram 4 doorknick4
Actual Port MeasurementsRovin5
Avalanche subs for sale!James Longo15
12 W7 or Kicker 12 XJonathan43
Mr. LongoJames Longo19
Lightning audio Strike Amps <-- helpJustin3
Best 8's???Michael Anthes7
Loudest tens? spl questionWahl2
What do you think about this amp for:ucfsaxman22
Anyone know howGlassWolf16
15" Kicker l5Trey Gallenstein9
Cone popped of 8w0Jexx6
Holy sh!tGPz110020
Are Dub subs any good ?ucfsaxman12
Why is my speakers cutting off?Anonymous5
Anyone got power hx2's for sale/trade?Wahl6
Box for Fosgate Power SeriesMichael Anthes4
Just tested my bass shakers I was sellingJustin20
Trading profile stuff for other RF/lightning audio gearJustin1
Speaker forum sucks so I thought I would post here alsoJustin10
Is this any good?Chris Klein10
W7, really needs some help.Ryan12
Omega WolfAnonymous5
Any1 have blueprints for an 02 F-150 supercab sub box????!!!!George Danko4
Weird fitting Josh B Smith2
Amplifier for 2 RE12'sChris Person7
RE owners.Where can you find the Specs on there subsApocalypse10
What do yall think about the RE SE's in a el caminoAdam18
Can 8" subwoofer be used effectively as midbass?Ryan27
Zac davis...Compluva1
12 inch MTApocalypse6
3.0 cubic feet sealeddustin pettit25
SPL and SQBill Hanna12
System in the colddd winter months??Tim11
Ground zero?George Danko4
How does this compare?Anonymous5
Anyone heard of Digital Audio?Compluva8
Does anyone think these subs any good?Antonio Martinez III9
Jl helpShawn6
Specs on RE XXX 15''Doug Zator5
Running 2 batts?Winn3
Hey i need help urgentApocalypse14
Box measurements for a Sony xplod 12" subwooferWess12
What would be the best 10 for bassAntonio Martinez III20
Not car audio but figured youd like the idea..How to get more gas m...sean16
High output alternatorsCasey Compton11
Glass/someone help.Shawn7
RE is amazing!!!Doug Zator24
How would this setup be?Chris Person1
,pound for pound Simon J Casey10
Building a box... The Eclipse AL 15"MO6
Need some help with ohmChris Klein8
GoldMembers only: What is your setup in your personal ride?Chris Klein24
Damaged Subwoofer?scuba steve2
Making box for 2 P3 subs.. help.... thanksDoug Zator3
Dumb Question but dont kno the answerjosh chapko8
I need the dimensions on Alpine Type-R 12'sMark S7
96 Firebird...sub help, pleasedustin pettit14
Bass Problems when playingKenji J Castro3
What happened here?Chris Klein8
Will this fit? 2 parts questionQuick Shot9
Im lookin for a 10in subHi im drummer039
Which are Best: Kicker Comp vr, Infinity Kappa Perfect 10, or Alpin...Chris Person8
Infinity.. do you know what to do with 2 P3's .. box i should use?78elcaminoman2
LC6....ever heard of it?Invictuz4
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