Why are my speakers not that loud?


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I have some alum12n and a 5000 watt amp (peak) and my speakers dont hit that hard i have a bandpass box and well that dont hit that hard lol
i have road with my cuzin he has a 1200 sony xlod amp and 2 15" quantum in a wood box that makes my heart skip i sure was hoping on that hard hittin bass when i purchases this system maybe i hooked it up wrong.... there are two speaker ports on each side of my subs am i supposed to use them both? i think it is called "dual coil" or somthing. Some help in this matter would be great thanks!

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Yes, you are suppose to use them both. If you want proper instructions do a google search on how to hook them up correctly as most people on here are sick of having to explain these things every day.

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Edit ^ Hooping.

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Lol ok i will do that maybe thats my problem thx!

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Ok well i read some stuff on google about this "DVC" and i understand parralel wiring sorta here is how i see it correct me if im wrong:

there are 2 speaker wire ports on each side which have 4 plugs on both of them pos1 pos2 neg1 neg2 do i hook both sides up or just one side and do i use 2 different speaker wires and hook them to one side and put them both in one channel like 2 pos in one pos hole on the amp and 2 negs on one neg hole on the amp

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read up on this site man..... i have been up for 2 days straight and my brain has left me so this site should do the explanin for me.

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also you want to make sure you hook it up so you are getting the proper ohm load for your speakers.it is very important for your amp! Also go to http://www.crutchfieldadvisor.com/learningcenter/car/subwoofers_wiring.html?view =all

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what kinda amp do you have?
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