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I was told by an installer that glue and brad nails is enough to hold a MDF box together. Is this true or should I use screws. The MDF keeps spliting with the screws. Also will is a bead of silicone on the inside corners keep it sealed enough or should I put it between the pieces of MDF. Thanks for your help

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I just finish my box, I used only Glue and screws, and I did not use any silicone because I use it before and there is no different

Good Luck

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The glue is what holds the box together. The nails or screws are there to hold the enclosure together until the glue dries. I always use screws about 4" apart or so to make sure that there is a very tight and secure bond once the glue is dry.

If you are having problems with splitting the wood, you can do 3 things:
- Predrill the holes with a drill bit slightly smaller than the screws
- Map out the walls on the plane in which you will be drilling from and measure the exact center of the board to be drilled into
- Find some coarse threaded screws (drywall, decking, etc)

If you use a generous amount of glue to make sure that there is no gaps for air to escape from, you won't need to use silicone. I just use it as a backup in case I had missed a small gap. The silicone shouldn't be used in the place of wood glue. Find some pro grade wood glue and you should be fine.

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how long does it take for the glue to dry usually?

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if you use liquid nails, a few hours.
If you want to use the proper tools, you can use framing clamps to hold the box while the adhesives dry.
Then no nails or screws are required, which means no countersinking or screw heads to show through the box covering.

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same with any cabinet glue , a few hours clamps work good.. i find one of the handyest clamps is a 90 clamp .. basically holds to pieces of wood on a 90 degree angle.. saves some time..
framers dont use clamps :p

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they're called "framing clamps"
I never said framer's clamps :P

corner clamps, and pole clamps, a few squeeze clamps and C clamps, and you should be fine.

whatever.. screw the box if it makes ya happy
I worked for a while in a framing shop, framing art work. I know how frames go together lol

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can anyone send me a plan to make a sub-box for a 15 inch, i kno wat type im building, but i want plans to follow so i don't stuff up, i want to have the sub completely enclosed within the box with 2 portholes out top

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There is no generic plan for a 15" sub, you'll have to be more specific. Make sure you use thick plexiglass to cover the portholes. Just kidding, submarines have portholes, subwoofer enclosures have ports. :-) Unless you just want the subs to have a good view.
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