Cone popped of 8w0


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hey everyone can someone help me out. i have an 88'' jl w0 and i hooked it up yesterday and the cone popped off is their any way i can fix this and will it mess up the sub if i use it with out it on?

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88 inches, is that a world record? you might be able to get a replacement if the cover is damaged. i know that digital designs can give you the offer of carbon fiber dust covers, so you might be able to DIY.

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Username: Maxxin88

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oh i meant 8''

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Username: Maxxin88

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Registered: Dec-04
please can anyone help me im in need

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The cone completely popped off? If you haven't had it for a while and bought it from a JL dealer you should still be under warranty.

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I believe the 8w0's are getting old-not likely they would have a warranty, I might be wrong. Casey had the right idea that it's just the dust cover, basically, that came off. Yes you will be fine without it, but it does protect dust and other material from getting into the voice coil-something you never want to have happen. You might be able to find one off of a junk speaker and glue it on.
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