Damaged Subwoofer?


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Im really starting to get angry. Or not really angry, because the subwoofer is under warranty..but I guess its more of a frustration. I have had my Alpine Type R for a little over 2 months now, without any problem. Until one of my jackass friends decided to crank my system way up. Now, the subwoofer still works, but it hits very muffled, not hard and crisp like it used to. It is the dual 4 ohms model (SWR-1242D), and I took the subwoofer out of the box and used a multimeter to test each of the voice coils, and got a reading of 4.1 on each. So now i'm stumped because if a subwoofer is totally blown, it won't play at all, or sound horrible and buzzy. Mine doesn't sound bad, just very muffled.

So my question to all you good people out there is this. Could another part of the subwoofer have gotten damaged due to excessively high volume? I did have my gains set a little bit higher, so that I could listen to the system at a little under half volume, but still get the full effect of the sub. So what I was thinking was that when my friend turned it up really high, that it damaged it.

Any input would be welcome.
P.S. I'm running off of virtually no sleep, so excuse any spelling errors, or if I repeated myself a few times. Lol

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Sure, its possible to partially blow a sub's voice coils. You may have deformed them or melted the casing just enough to get a muffled sound out of it. If its under warranty you may have to fully destroy it to get them to refund it, though. For the future, friends don't let friends touch their volume control.
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