Box measurements for a Sony xplod 12" subwoofer


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I need box measuremments for 2 sony 12" subwoofers please. Please Help! Thanks...

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We need a model number, Wess. The manual that came with the subs should specify the cubic volume they need. Then you can go from there.

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XSL122P5, I lost the manual... :-(. Should I port the box? If so, Should I port it in between the two subs?

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XSL122P5, I lost the meanual... :-(. Should I port the box? If so how big should the port be, and how do I do it?

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Feature Details

Unique cone design offers superior rigidity
Small sealed/bandpass enclosure optimized
Gold-plated Binding Posts
4-Ohm Voice Coil
1300W Peak Power (380W RMS)
12" Polypropylene Cone
2005 Subwoofer Parameters


Speaker Size (cm): 30
Speaker Size (inch): 12
Peak Power (W): 1300
Rated Power (RMS, W): 380
Impedance (ohms): 4
Sensitivity (dB/W/m): 89
Frequency Response (Hz): 18-2k
Mass (kg): 5
Mass (lb/oz): 11/0
d (mm): 250
d (inch): 9.8
Rdc (ohms): 3.3
Fs (Hz): 24.8
Qts: 0.37
Qes: 0.39
Qms: 7.02
Vas (Lit.): 86.7
Vas (Cu. ft.): 3.06
Mms (g): 162.1
Lvc (mH): 1.1
Xmax (mm): 5.7
Xmax (inch): 0.2
BL (Tm): 14.1
Subwoofers - Enclosures
Sealed Enclosure Vol. (Net Cu. ft.): 1.15
Sealed Enclosure Vol. (Net Lit.): 32.7
Ported Enclosure Vol. (Net. Lit.): N/A
Port Dimensions (inch): N/A
Ported Enclosure Vol. (Net Cu. ft.): N/A
Port Dimensions (mm): N/A

You could have done the same thing via Google~!~

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Thanks, what type of box should I go with?

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well since they dont give the ported recomendation I would have to say sealed.

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since those subs dotn have almost any SQ you might as well go ported so you can be even louder and sound like even more @$$....

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DON'T GO PORTED, THEY AREN'T MEANT FOR IT. Sealed is double the SPL of ported when your talking about Sony's. I had my 2 in a ported box to begin with and couldn't get very loud and couldn't punch at all. Now, in a prefab sealed they are twice as loud and have gained a little punch.

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Twice as loud? Wow.

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did you have one of those sealed/ported boxes..those dont work for porting because subs need more room when its a ported enclosure and those are made for basically sealed specs so the susb dont have enough room to breathe and all you hear is air moving throuhg the port

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So If I wanted to be as loud as possible, which one do I use?
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