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Tell me what you thinkChad Hurren1
For the, jon, hunter....any smart guys lol...thanksSubfanatic1
New sub.Tim yuricek1
Free-air subwoofersDavid Chin1
Does anybody know about this?Boston7
1.5 ohms to 1 ohm mono ampChattanooga2
Hey Glass,Jonathan,Isaac or anyone with knowledge?James Longo19
Re x.x.x.James Waldrup3
Need advice on Kicker L7Jeff Loughrey3
New kickersAnonymous2
I need helpDonald Byrum jr6
Type X Box questionMark S4
Ascendant AudioHunter Warren16
The Final ComparisonJames Longo26
Eclipse issueerik2
Infinity 12.1 perfectChad H.1
Velodyne automotive subwf with servo controller unitdenny1
Velodyne automotive subwwofer with servo controller unitdenny1
GlassWolf HelpAnonymous1
Every1's systemkickercomp18
Eclipse Aluminum 12's Ported or Sealed?killer3
Alright, here i go.....johnny lemoine18
MRD-M1001 and three 12" Type Rs VS MRD-M1001 and one 12" Type X?? P...Bryan D1
Please help ASAP !!!!Jeff Loughrey4
Power handlingJames Longo3
Quick ?James Longo4
Slot-Ported enclosure question.REDSKIN3
X.x.x. warrantyRobbie Brown3
Re x.x.x pricingRobbie Brown4
Where are Alpine products manufactured?Bryan D5
Help with systemJust someone8
Funky Pups?Anonymous2
Sub to run off 1000 watt rms amp, Comparable to type xJoe Smoe14
Mb quart Vs Canton Vs cdt audioSlap Johnson5
Need advice Hunter Warren6
L7 ampDaniel Cruts2
Please help me decide . . . 10" or 12" Alpine Type X?nielsenj7
Quick question... please help!Anonymous3
Alright, the famous sealed, or ported Kicker 15" box questionBinny Del Bedo11
Going to be doing some workrichard mcfarland3
Just bored?richard mcfarland8
Please give your opinions on this setup . . .Bryan D14
Need Good Sub for Boss C3000D HelpHunter Warren3
Hey Mr. Jeff LoughreyHunter Warren2
Subs and amp wiring questionJames Longo4
Indeed..Hunter Warren10
Glasswolf..a lil help please....James Longo13
Hey Zacdavissean1
Slot Portedsean2
Juggernaut subssean4
Whats betterstjohnboy00003
L7 amprichard mcfarland6
NEED TO KNOW ONE THINGrichard mcfarland7
Kinda specific box question!!!stjohnboy00002
Mardi Gras Nats.....whose gonna be there?stjohnboy00002
How to tune box?stjohnboy00005
Please help ASAP !!!!Francisco Recinos11
Type E subs from AlpineRob Fox4
Type x ampRob Fox7
Whats up guysJames Longo4
Does anybody know about this?richard mcfarland7
Ti pro vs. w7Jonathan15
Brahma And Pick Up Truck Sub BoxDevon1
Quick help please from sum1 that knows what they are talking aboutREDSKIN10
Box for Kicker C18d-4mike beezy2
6 ohm wiring helpdavid alexander2
1 brandtaylor1724
Anyone selling subs i can buy!!taylor177
Need Help Picking New Sub (Please Help)kenny eugene hammond2
Good speakers..Subfanatic8
Is this a good box??Mickey Evan Powell3
Insulating Vent in Subwoofer Box?Michael O1
Voltage QuestionJoe Smoe2
Brahama subsAnonymous4
Building huge system, what do you think???Joe Smoe5
Can you hook up 3 subs to 1 mono amp?Jake Davis2
Does "Peel and Seal" really work like dynamat???rattles1
$500 for 1 10 & amp & boxJames Longo5
Look what i foundJames Longo2
Anyone with type r dual 4ohm...12" or type r components...Rob Fox3
Weird...Donald Byrum jr4
X.x.x. vrs. W7DR MAX13
X.x.x. QDR MAX8
Upgrading from Type Rs - Glass or anyone!Rob Fox10
Can you HELP ME ?!?!Rob Fox2
Hifonics BX1500D Brutus ampDR MAX3
Enclosure bracing questionJonathan7
Sub stopped working??lee bolwerk3
New subslee bolwerk2
Fiber Glass Or MDFJonathan3
IDMAX questionJonathan2
Subwoofer helpjeff g5
Re mt ampbanginflip84@aol.com7
Need help with taylor172
Type E subs from AlpineAudiophile1
Not a normal box questiontaylor178
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