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i have 2 12" l7's 4 ohm each wired to a kicker 1200.1 amp and my friend has the same thing but a 600.1 amp and his is louder... i just cant seem to get my subs any louder without the worry of having them blowing i broke them in for like a month or 2 and i just want to know how to adjust my amp and everything without them blowing please respond xaio1@yahoo.com

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well, if they are dual voice coil 4 ohm subs, you probbaly have them wired in series which is giving your amp a 4 ohm load which isnt putting out the potential that amp has. You need to wire the subs in parraell to produce a 1 ohm load.

If they are single voice coil 4 ohm subs you have them wired to a 2 ohm load which i beleive that amp buts out the same as the 600.1 at 2 ohms, so more or less you're both running the same amount of power.

There are other things you need to factor in, cabin gain, box size.

Have you set your gains on your amplifer correctly, low pass filter, high pass filter, if you've set all them correctly chances are its either your box or you arent supplying the amp with the approiate amount of power and its causing clipping which is bad for everything.

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If it's a dvc 4 ohm then you can wire it a an 8 or 2 ohm load. If you wire them parallel then you can get them down to 2 ohms and get more power out of your amp.

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no richard your wrong. if they are dvc 4 ohms and there is 2 of them, they will be either 4 ohms in series or 1 ohm in parallell. but since he has 2 single 4 ohm subs, he can wire them like...
this way you can get a 2 ohm load with both subs

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I could be rong, but a 4 ohm dvc can only be wired to a 2 ohm or an 8 ohm. But if there is 2 subs, then if they are wired at 2 ohm's each the total ohm load will be 4 ohms. And if you wire them in series, each will have a 8 ohm load, with 2 the ohm load will be to big for your amp any way:-)
Like I said, I could be rong but I think that is how it goes.

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How loud a system is has more to do with how a sub is wired and the type of box it's in and a few other things. With single voice coils @4ohms and two subs wired in parallel your get a 2ohms load. The most you can get is 600 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms. Remember two sub that's 300 watts each.

Single voice coil subs @4ohms with two subs can be wired @ 2 ohms or 8 ohms to one channel only.

Dual voice coil subs @4ohms with two subs can be wired @ 1ohms or 4 ohms to one channel only.

Kicker KX1200.1
300 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms
600 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
1200 watts RMS x 1 at 1 ohm
stable at 1 ohm

With a birth certificate rating of 1450 watts RMS of power at 1 ohm. You need two sub with dual voice coils @ 4ohms. Wire them @ 1ohms and it will be louder than most systems in your town. Make sure the subs can handle at less 700 RMS watts each.
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