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12" volfenhag'sbret mizera23
How do u wire in parallelCory B2
Dual 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm subs with my amp??????Jeff Loughrey6
Best 10" under $100 for a small sealed enclosureJeff Loughrey2
Harder ThumpsJeff Loughrey11
Power for my 12'' eclipse ti.Anonymous9
Volume QuestionGlassWolf12
Has anyone built a ported box that ports into a sealed boxGlassWolf8
Subs which ones?? wwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaazzzzzz upcoola7
Help Me choose my submo3
Subwoofer Help Needed!!!!!bret mizera6
Orbis CF-10Jeff Loughrey3
What Would You Do?Jonathan4
Great 18''koz16
3 13w6vs or 3 12w7s with a 500/1
What could I get for this?taylor173
Serious Help NeededVladimir6
Polk Momo 10" any good?Rockford Monster3
Need help on deciding what subs to buy?Stan Wojtalewicz12
Powering two Audiobahn AW1206T subwoofers..JR Villarta1
Muthaf****s aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DR MAX12
Hey glass?GlassWolf2
Someone to car audio and need somw answers please.GlassWolf2
1Sub Vs 2 Subs...newb question(?)GlassWolf2
My car audio stuff for salekoz14
Are there any internet sites that sell RE subwoofers??Zepp7
Memphis?Hunter Warren4
[glasswolf] sub too small for box :-/Patrick Kelly12
Question on Mt's and kickerHunter Warren3
Calculating cubic feet??koz17
Kicker Comp Vs Kicker Comp C12Wahl2
JL ProWedgetracy5
Opinions needed on the Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1 subsJonathan19
Cant decide, sealed or portedGlassWolf26
Pros and cons of ported boxesGlassWolf18
Invert mounted subsGlassWolf9
JL w3v2 versus Kappa Perfecterik2
JL vs AlpineStan Wojtalewicz12
$200 Sub(s)- please helpdustin griffin13
What website to buy frombudget minded5
Confused wiringlee bolwerk3
Opinions?Stan Wojtalewicz7
Subs in a Wranglerparker pittillo2
Ported or sealed box?Jut8
Alpine IVA-d300 or Kenwood KVT-815DVD ???Stan Wojtalewicz4
Re-doing entire system, need some suggestions.Stan Wojtalewicz11
Subs Needed??zacdavis~21
QUICK SIMPLE sub tuning questionDR MAX5
Opinion on sony subsJuNGLiST2
Look at this dealjimbo9117
8 inchR1rider9
I need to know what amp I need for 2 dual 6 ohm ma audio 15 incheric tutton1
Any1 know about the JL 8w7s? what can they be compared to?johnny lemoine6
Glass - AlternatorDamien Roberts8
(3) 13w6v2s VS (2) 13w7s what to get???opinions?James Longo4
Building truck syestem need advice plzbrian691
How to actually BUILD a portJeff Loughrey3
Which subsR1rider9
Glasswolf...i could use some help on this one..GlassWolf11
Is it true square boxes are garbage?GlassWolf9
Torn shivabudget minded9
How to make Fiberglass sub boxbudget minded9
Where to Find Custom Sub Boxes?budget minded3
Painting, rather than carpeting the sub boxThatGuyYouKnow2
Sub helpzacdavis~2
Sealed Box size for Eclipse Aluminum 12"Joe Smoe7
Just wanna know............Anonymous6
Which box to choose?bret mizera7
Opinions on the loudest subs to run on this amp?basslova5
Grate deal on Eclipse t2?Jonathan29
Truck subsAnonymous5
Breaking in a subbasslova10
Great 18''djeter10811
New Car, want to know what u guys think of this setupdjeter10815
2 quick questions I need advice pleaseJeff Loughrey2
BP1200.1 Overkill?Oleg Ni3
Which would be betterdevin a1
Glasswolf u got a jeep rightGlassWolf8
Hey Yall How did your self carpeted boxes turn out?basslova13
Help!Jim MUah1
Box tuning question?DR MAX7
Shiva?John Smith5
Got 2 jl 12w7 need anps wht kind?zacdavis~34
Question about ohms Please help???zacdavis~2
Eric, got a question for you.erik6
Wiring DVC or SVC?...... Glass PLEASE :-) zacdavis~2
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