QUICK SIMPLE sub tuning question


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please pay close attention-- from what i've been told, tuning a box is all in the port,yeah? and dimensions dont matter just as long as internal volume remaines the same then you could set the tune by the size of port yeah.? SO IN A 4cu BOX WITH A PORT SIZE OF 15.5"L x 3"W HOW LONG WOULD THE VENT HAVE TO BE TO ACHIEVE 25-27Hz ? and does incresing/decresing vent increse/decrease the tune Hz ? wich is wich? thanks a lot

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29 1/2 inches is your port length for 27hz

and all measurements play a part in the output and the tuned frequency of a box.

say you only had 30 sqaure inches of port area rather than your 46.5(15.5 by 3), then the length would only need to a little over 18" in order to tune at 27hz.

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i thought that a woofer's specs (thiele small) ALSO played a part in resonant frequencies. eg. two different woofers would give two different resonant frequencies.

the easy way to tune a box is to just buy an adjustable port and tune it by ear or with a dB meter.

smaller diameter ports with longer tube lengths tend to make more noise if i remember right for whatever that's worth.

flared ports are supposed to be the quietest.

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i think that noise you hear is "port noise"

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thanks a lot zac d
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