Where to Find Custom Sub Boxes?


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Does anybody know of any websites that sell cheap sub boxes? I'm thinking under $100 including shipping. I've looked around on EBAY and have found a couple of boxes that would be perfect except they are too wide. I drive a Grand Cherokee and the spare tire is in the back. Therfore, I only have somewhere around 32 1/2" inches of width in the back. Every box I want is either 34 or 36 inches wide. Basically, I need something that is a little less wide and a little more deep.

As a last resort I'll probably just get two 12" singles and put them on their back with the woofers pointing up. The width would only be about 15" for each single if I layed them out this way. This is a real pain in the a$$. I wish Jeep would have just put the stupid tire underneath the back. Oh well.

Basically, I'm just looking for any websites or places that might have some good deals on a large selection of sub enclosures. I've thought about building it myself, but I'm pretty sure I'd screw it up somewhere or it would take me forever to do it. I'm really slow and percise, which would mean it would take me forever. Granted, it would probably turn out pretty good, but I don't want to spend half a week on it.

The ideal box would be a dual 12" that is less than 32" wide (or less), ported, and is tuned to 32 hz. I'm throwing in some Kappa Perfects.

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you could always have a cabinet maker build a box designed to fit perfectly in the space needed too.

i don't think that having a box custom built would be that much more expensive than buying an off the shelf version.

actually, i'd avoid buying prebuilt as many boxes are really flimsy. i bought a 12" oak box for my home sub that was listed as 3/4" MDF, but when i unpacked it, i found that only the front and back were 3/4" while the other 4 sides were cheesy 1/2" MDF.

if you have a box custom built, you can be guaranteed that it will be solid. i had to line my box with 3/4" to damp resonances down.

i haven't shopped for car boxes, but maybe one of these sites might have what you're looking for. i'd recommend crutchfield as a starting point as it's website has a database that starts with vehicle model then shows you what fits and doesn't. you could always just go with smaller woofers and boxes too if you want the easiest route.

i was just poking around "cardomain" and saw that they have a ton of "Qlogic" custom fit 10" factory look sub boxes for your jeep at:
http://www.cardomain.com/shop/list.pl?brand=Q-Logic&type_plural=Custom-Fit+Subwo ofer+Enclosures&start=101&show=20

other places to look:
has a ton of merchandise and great prices
as mentioned, has great customer service and an awesome website. often, they're info is more detailed than the home pages of the manufacturers themselves!

i'd say that Q-Logic is probably what you're looking for.
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