Subwoofer Help Needed!!!!!


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I have 2 pb 350 watt subwoofers and a pyle 600 watt 2 channel amp. I hooked everything up and the whole system worked great for like 15 minutes straight and jus quit. What do i do? I need some help fellas. Thanks.

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what do u me by everything?
if u r talking about from the h/u back, i think i'd be checking fuses first thing, or the h/u connection to the electrical source.
if u r talking just the amp a subs i think i'd check the remote wire first, if the amp is not powering up, turning on, whatever u want to call it.
check the amps fuses, all of them, and the main power wire, and especially the ground.
if the amp is powering up, but nothing is coming out of the subs check the rca jacks, and the speaker wire connections.

did this happen while it was playing, or did u shut the car off, and the next time u got in and went tu bump nothing worked?

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hey i have a pair of legacy subs that just went dead like my amp works fine and everthing i checked it on other speakers just to make sure that it isnt my amp thats fucked, but my subs wont move at all, like they just died they dont even move to make the typical blown sound, there is no physical rips on them or anything, so i know how you feel im trying to figure it out too

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Well the first and most obvious possible cause of this is that they are Legacy's...

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yea i'm gonna go with they are legacy's, in car audio you get what you pay for...and you my friend, whatever you bent over like a little boy at michael jackson's birthday party

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i like that one bent over like a little boy at michael jackson's birthday party ... that was good ... but anyway legacy's arnt good subs amps recievers eq's anything legacy's are cheap because they are made cheap u think ur getting a deal when actually ur getting ripped off im sorry but u just wasted 2 dollars on those subs that "died" and my advice to the person that started this thread is chuck everything u have that is legacy or anything u got for cheap and start over.
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