Wiring DVC or SVC?...... Glass PLEASE :-)


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I'm Getting The Infinity Kappa Perfect 10's. I can either order SVC OR DVC. My amp will be the RF Power T10001bd. The amp is a mono amp stable to 1 ohm. The RMS of each speaker is 350. From what I read these subs can handle a good 500 RMS.

So I can get SVC and present 2 ohms and get 750 W out of the amp or DVC(wired parellel) at 1 ohm and get 1000 W? My biggest question is how to wire in parellel. I know visually how to do it but I dont understand physically how. The speakers have "5-way Binding Posts". I was assuming bannna plugs are the best but I cant run parellel with two bannna plugs in one hole?

Here is a pic. ..

http://www.crutchfield.com/S-inB4vEk22NL/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?s=0&cc=01&g=67600& id=morephotos&pi=3&i=108PER101&display=L#Tab

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hi justin,
i thought that the 1001bd was 2ohm stable? maybe i'm wrong...
as far as the binding post, those are actually "screw down terminals" if you were to loosen them you'd see a hole through the post. simply connect two wires in each respective hole in order to run the woofers in parallel.

if the amp is 1 ohm then yes 4ohm dvc's would suite your needs best. if its only a 2ohm stable amp, then the 4ohm scv subs present the proper ohm load. either way, sounds like you've got a pretty good handle in that department.:-) l8a
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