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Center Channel HELP!John Toomey1
Need a cheap receiver that will power 4 ohm speakers Help?Kano8
Paradigm Cinema 110 systemJimvm2
Wharfedale Moviestar 70+Paul2
Why is my center channel speaker's sound volume so low?Paul7
Energy Connoisseur seriesJoseph Kubiak2
Cubic Foot for this?Justin Lawless1
Which bookshelf speaker to buy, athena or polk?Kano3
Monitor Audio in BC?Grant Harvey7
Denon 3805 vd ohmsFrank Abela19
Monitor Audio Bronze B6 with DENON 3805 - good or not ?Tony Chartrey6
Duntech PCL-3'sQuahog1
What bookshelves to buy?My Rantz3
Paradigm Legendsd lowe6
GEKKO MTV Flat Speaker Packages for sale 11x14matt dandrea1
Monitor Audio Silver S6 w/ Denon 3805Tony Chartrey8
Looking for bookshelf speakers.chris hatcher3
A question about placing the center channel speakerTimn8ter2
JBL L-100 vs. L-100-TGavin R. Cumm3
Any recommended Bose tweaks?Gavin R. Cumm4
Speaker cables?Gavin R. Cumm257
PSB's OR??jaeelarr4
Center channel match for Harbeth frontsJohn Friederich3
Anyone ever heard of the British company: ShortGavin R. Cumm10
Freq response 39-25 vs. 34-25. whats the diff.Tevo4
Miller & Kreisel anyone?Frank Abela6
Jmlabs/nad vs. boston acoustic/yamahaAnonymous6
Infinity NHT IC3 or 4 speakers?? Anyone tried them??Gabe1
A/V Receiver ThoughtsHamilton Va1
Need Rear Speajkers for JM LAB Chorus Front/Center/SWmh smith1
Several Questions, Please HelpJustin.s1
HT speaker advice in $800 -> $1000 price rangejmgillespie6
Oldie pricetag helpMartijn S.3
Dynaudio Audience 72 vs. Audiovector Mi3Christian1
My last post until i buy the componentsFrank Abela6
What's wrong with keeping a center cannel speaker vertically?Timn8ter6
Best value bookshelf speakersedster92223
"self powered" speaker questionFrank Abela3
Paradigm Cinema 110 systemJimvm3
Reciever to match with some Monitor Audio GR20sShaun Sims4
Energy c5's with a rotelCanuck3
5.1 Small Speaker Suggestions ($300-$500)Canuck36
X-over freq settings with paradigm speakers & HK525d lowe5
What receiver do you use on AS-F2?Anthony15
Gonna be getting athena as-b1 speakersJustin.s1
Cat attacked tweeter on as-f2diablo4
Cables for Kef Q3 and Q9c - Please helpKevin Jakubczak7
Monitor/bookshelf: $1000/piece...mauimusicman16
Cat Attack !!!!! Gavin R. Cumm5
Question about using 80 Watt speakers?? more info inside...Stealth C10
Advice for connecting tweeters with mid rangeTimn8ter5
Speakers to pair with Yamaha RX-V650Lars Makowski4
Mordaunt short 908Larry R2
Anyone have experience with Tannoy speakers?J. Vigne9
Speaker suggestions for Sony 5000ES receiver.Competetiv Discount15
Athena Micra 6 Surround Sound Speaker Systemgaband272
2 questions...loud speakers & subjaeelarr1
Paradigm 9se SpeakersJoseph Kubiak2
Paradigm 11se MK II SpeakersAnonymous1
Help with bare wire connectionJ. Vigne2
Bi wiring KEF Q6C from RXV 2400Anonymous1
KEF 104 | 2 reference speakersJ. Vigne3
Hometheater, crossovers, & floorstanders vs bookshelfsXsound1
KEF 104 | 2 reference speakersAnonymous1
A question, so i dont ****things upTimn8ter3
Wharfedale Pacific Evolution - Any experiences, thoughts?Xsound2
Dipole or Bipole witch to go with?J. Vigne3
Great deal or con victim?ca_convert480
Niles speakers1st612
Boston AcousticsLittle Ricky1
Energy c5's with a rotelJoseph Kubiak1
Floor Standing speakersJoseph Kubiak2
Yamaha with Kef speakerspatchwork1
Surround sound philosophy that needs helpPhilip Kukura1
Stupid QuestionAnonymous110
Speakers to go with Harman Kardon AVR 630Dexter20
Speakers for karaokeDexter8
The Great Subwoofer Search!Larry R14
Speakers for my Yahama RX-V650Dexter9
Need receiver for KLIPSCH Cinema 10 SystemGavin R. Cumm4
Best speakers under $500????Dexter9
Ugrading to 7.1 Question on rear speakers.Randy Englehart2
I have about $4000Gavin R. Cumm33
Difference between JBL Northridge E90 and E100?ArmchairQB3
Magnetically Shielded: How close is to close?Varney7
Quest FreeStyle One Speakers - Receiver SetupChris3
Mirage speakersGavin R. Cumm3
Witch to go with? Dipole or Direct speakersCory skoda3
Question on ohmsTimn8ter6
Anybody...Need Suggestions Fast!!!need a pa system1
Magnepan mg12 with nad c162/c272?Kano2
KEF owners, past owners?ca_convert15
Hard rock/heavy metal: Do I really need a sub? (building a system f...ca_convert10
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